Block Storage

서버에 할당하여 사용하는 스토리지 입니다

Efficient Data Storage for Easy Creation and Release

Block Storage is created within minutes of a request and can be used immediately after connecting to the server. If you are not going to use it any more, you can release it immediately for effective cost management. HDD and SSD storage types are available, which can be selected according to the required I/O performance.

Convenient Use
Easily manage your storage through the web console. With a total capacity of 2,000GB, you can create up to 16 storage containers for each server. You also have the option to modify a Quality of service (QoS) policy without halting operations or seeing a drop in performance, while the Snapshot feature makes backing up data and copying volumes a breeze.
Guaranteed Stability
Having data loss prevention as a top priority, all elements designed to be redundant, providing a high level of availability and ensuring the continuity of your business.
Selection of the storage type
based on I/O performance
For a low-cost server data storage, HDD storage is available. Or, if your service needs high-performance I/O for fast data processing, we provide SSD storage. Depending on your purpose, select the storage component as a boot drive or an additional storage drive.

Use the server of your choice
to save or backup data

Save Your Storage with Snapshot

Copy and save your storage at a specific moment in time with the Snapshot feature. Snapshot backs up the data saved in storage or copies and transfers data to another server. Then, when you need that data, restore it by creating a new volume with the snapshot.

High-Performance I/O

For critical application tasks that require fast response and high input/output operations per second (IOPS), you can easily add high-performance SSD storage. By default, SSD storage provides 40 IOPS per 1GB, and the IOPS performance can increase in proportion to the storage allocation volume of up to 20,000 IOPS.

Feature to Add Storage Size

If the storage size in use is inadequate, you can increase to the maximum storage size of 2,000GB.

Pricing information

For flexibility, we provide both time and usage-based pricing models

Storage TypeClassificationHourly Fee
HDDPer 10GB of storage0.8 KRW
SSDPer 10GB of storage1.6 KRW

· If you use 10GB of HDD storage for one month (30 days), the fee is 576 KRW (0.8 KRW x 24 hours x 30 days).

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