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이미지를 보여주거나 오디오를 들려주고 정답을 맞추게 하는 방식으로 사람과 컴퓨터를 판별하여 어뷰징을 방지할 수 있습니다

“Are You a Human or a Machine?” The CAPTCHA that Tells the two Apart

By applying the image and audio CAPTCHA feature used in NAVER services to your service, you can distinguish between computers and humans to prevent abuse. This is particularly useful when accepting input from actual users for sign-up or searching for passwords, while filtering abusers.

Commercial Benefits
A variety of services provided by NAVER use a CAPTCHA on their Sign-up page to prevent abuse. Add a CAPTCHA feature, which has been validated over a long period of time, to your service and strengthen the security.
Improved Security
For image CAPTCHA, two types of CAPTCHA images are provided at random to distinguish between a human or computer effectively. When an input pattern suspected to be abuse is identified, the improved security standards will safeguard your service, so you can put your mind at ease while operating the service.
Easy Use
This RESTful-API can request a CAPTCHA and obtain the desired information in the JSON format, so you can apply it to your service more easily and simply. CAPTCHA questions are provided as images or audio, so you can optimize the API for the UI of your service.
Various Distinguishing Methods
You can be provided with CAPTCHA questions in an image format and an audio format. When the image CAPTCHA cannot be used due to visual limitations, an audio method can be selected for service use.

Detailed Features

Provided Services

The Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart (CAPTCHA) is a feature that allows you to distinguish between humans and computers by presenting the subject with an image or audio question for the correct answer.

List of Provided Services
Image type questions (Image CAPTCHA)To prevent automatic input, a color or black-and-white image appears randomly. Abusing is verified by comparing the user input text and the provided image.
Audio type questions (Audio CAPTCHA)A voice message that includes numbers plays for about five seconds to prevent automatic input. Abusing is verified by comparing the user input text and the provided audio.
A self-filtering feature for abuse preventionWhen a connection suspected to be an abuse is detected as per internal standards, an enhanced authentication standard will be additionally applied.
Provides the service using a RESTful API methodThe API is provided using a RESTful method for easy and convenient use.

Using the API

This API is an open API that does not require login. Therefore, to use the service, when making a GET call, you also need to send the Client ID and Client Secret code that were issued when you registered the application in the HTTP Header.

Applicable Service

CAPTCHA is used in various NAVER services to prevent abuse, including for Sign-up, Login, Change Password, and Cafe Registration pages.

Service Usage Limit

You can adjust the usage limit of Image CAPTCHA yourself using various options from 3 hundred thousand calls a month (10,000 calls a day) to 300 million calls a month (100 million calls a day) per application.
You can adjust the usage limit of Audio CAPTCHA yourself using various options from 30,000 calls a month (1,000 calls a day) to 6 million calls a month (2 million calls a day) per application.
If you need to increase the service limit, please contact Customer Support.

Pricing Information

Billing UnitsUsage Fee
API Call1 KRW / API Call

* Usage fees for Image CAPTCHA and Audio CAPTCHA services are identical.

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