For Platform 2.0 Only


소프트웨어 개발 시 반복적인 프로세스를 자동화 해주는 Jenkins를 Server와 통합 설치하여 제공합니다.

Essential Tool to Automate Software Development Processes

Jenkins is a recognized tool for continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD). Increase software quality and development productivity by automating build, test, and distribution processes.

Easy Settings
You can combine the web-based console with various certification components and construct a safe building/deployment environment using access right management feature. Automate repeated processes using various plugins. Easily set how you want to receive the build or deploy result and receive feedback quickly via various channels.
Reliable Build/Deploy Environment
You can improve software quality by linking with a source version management tool to detect change of code and perform a build with automated testing. For the automated testing, you can set coding standard compliance check, unit test, or integration test and take measures depending on the result to prevent potential errors in advance. You can set to deploy the build process continuously to automate the entire development process.
Various Applications and Easy Scalability
Jenkins is a widely used open source software that provides good documentation about its features. You can check various use cases of Jenkins other than build and deploy, such as batch task using a scheduler. You can also develop your own plugin to extend a feature and easily integrate with other Dev Tools products provided by the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM.

Detailed Features

Provided Services

A reliable version of Jenkins is provided by installing it on an independent VM so the developer can create an automated build and deploy environment.

Version Jenkins 2.73
Additional ConvenienceJava 1.8
OS Ubuntu 16.04 (64bit), Ubuntu 14.04(64bit)
CentOS 7.3 (64bit), CentOS 6.6 (64bit)


"Jenkins" uses an open source called Jenkins that provides a continuous integration service in software development.

Pricing information

Jenkins is a VM installation-type product of the open source library. No additional fee is charged, except for server and public IP usage fees.

Price List
OSVersionUsage Fee (Month)
Ubuntu 16.04, 14.04
CentOS 7.3, 6.6
Jenkins 2.73Free

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