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Suitable for OLTP Environment

CUBRID is made of a 3-tier structure: application, broker, and server. It can flexibly build a system that is appropriate for online transaction processing (OLTP) service where there is a sudden increase of data.

TCO Reduction Effect with Open Source License

CUBRID has a separate license for the server engine and interface/tools. The server engine has a GPL v2 license or later. For the interface and tools, there is no obligation to re-release the derivative works, and a BSD license that can be combined with a propriety software is applied.

CUBRID High-Availability for a Continuous Service

CUBRID provides an independent High-Availability (HA) feature to enable a continuous service, 24 hours a day 365 days a year, through server redundancy. With redundancy set up, a continuous service can be provided through automatic fail-over to the standby server (slave node) in case of the failure of an active server (master node). If load balancing of the service is required, multi-redundancy is possible by adding a replica server.

· [Redundancy and Automatic Fail-Over of CUBRID Brokers]

· [Redundancy and Automatic Fail-Over of CUBRID DB Servers]


CUBRID Manager

CM is an integrated tool that can perform database creation, editing, and execution of queries, and even server operation management. CM is comprised of a server-client structure and can perform server and broker monitoring by communicating with the CM server installed on the server side. It can also perform various management functions, such as change of server and broker settings, and operate automated tasks.

CUBRID Migration Toolkit

As a tool designed to migrate schema objects and data in the GUI-based environment, CMT allows migrating Oracle and MySQL DBs to the CUBRID DB. The original database supports Oracle 10g or later and MySQL 4.1.22 or later. The target database supports CUBRID 8.2.1 or later.


Product NameUsage Fee (Monthly)

· Redundancy configuration is possible without additional charges.

Maintenance Service

Service LevelRoutine MaintenanceFailure SupportFee (Monthly)
Standard2 times a year8 hours, 5 days a week300,000
Enterprise4 times a year24 hours, 5 days a week500,000
Premium12 times a year24 hours, 7 days a week700,000

Commonly Supported Items

· Product installation, configuration & environment setup, product patch & upgrade, and periodic training support
· Troubleshooting, query review, performance tuning, HA configuration available, and hotfix
· Method of failure support and routine maintenance: Remote

Service Information

· Basis of service pricing: server
· Service fees may vary depending on the virtual machine (VM) environment or redundancy configuration.

Technical Support Service

Supported Service ItemsFee (Hourly)
Data migration, DB design & schema review, data transfer & monitoring,
query review, performance tuning, and troubleshooting

Technical Support

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