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CubeOne™ is a high performance professional DB encryption solution which satisfies the technical security requirements related to the application of encryption related to personal information required by laws such as the Personal Information Protection Act and the Electronic Financial Transactions Act.
It provides various methods to apply encryption, including a safe secret key management system, DB encryption, and file encryption, that can be easily applied to a cloud environment.

Product Details

Main Features

Common · CC certified product (KECS-CISS-0919-2019 (International - EAL1+)
· Encryption by columns
· Safe centralized key/policy management (encryption while storing the key)
· Powerful separation of administrator permission and access control feature on the data
· Supports the recording of data encryption/decryption history (audit feature)
API · Applies the encryption API at the application server terminal, performing encryption/decryption by editing the source code
· Applies encryption on the DB not supporting the API Handler
· Fast encryption/decryption performance (outstanding batch performance)
API Handler · Performs encryption/decryption using an encryption SQL function at the DB server terminal
· Supports the convenient application of initial encryption using GUI
· Supports encryption/decryption feature when connecting to DB directly or using a DB tool
· Supported DBMS: Oracle, Tibero, MS-SQL, MySQL, MariaDB, EDB, PostgreSQL, DB2, Informix, GreenPlum, TeraData, Sybase ASE/IQ, Altibase, etc.
API for File · Performs file encryption/decryption from the server where CubeOne product is installed
· Real-time encryption of log file
· Encryption of personal information pattern and all files
· Verified operational stability
Security Server · Certified encryption key storage and management
· Supports operational redundancy and DR configuration
· HSM support

* For more details, refer to the website.


(VAT Excluded)
TypevCPU per ServerMonthly Usage FeeNote
(AP server encryption module)
Under 4 vCPU250,000 KRW
Under 8 vCPU300,000 KRW
Under 12 vCPU350,000 KRW
Under 16 vCPU400,000 KRW
Over 16 vCPU600,000 KRW
API Handler (DB server encryption module)350,000 KRW Applicable DBMS: Oracle, DB2, Tibero
MySQL, MS-SQL and PostgreSQL, etc
API for File (log and file encryption module)100,000 KRW Added as an option
to the CubeOne-applied server
Security Server (key storage and distribution server)70,000 KRW Required server specification:
1 vCPU, 2GB Memory, 200GB Disk or better
OS : Linux
Patch and product maintenance
(per server)
9 hr x 6 day50,000 KRWRemote, mail and landline support
24 hr x 365 day80,000 KRW
Product installation cost per server
(Product installation, data encryption application guide and developer/operator training, etc.)
800,000 KRW Provide discount if 5 or more sets of servers are installed
(Please make a separate inquiry)

· CPUs applied for Cloud Service are based on the X86 CPU. (Prices above cannot be applied to the CPUs of UNIX series.)
· The license is provided based on time period as a price of usage fee concept.

· For DB that does not support the API Handler DB encryption module, encryption is supported via API.
· The security Server is composed of 1-2 sets per site as a server for storage and distribution of the secret key. (Infrastructure costs required for the configuration of the Security Server are charged separately.)
· Product installation costs other than the maintenance cost will be charged once during product installation.

Example Price Calculation

Request for price upon Customer Request > AP server 2vcpu 2 sets, MySQL DB server 8vCPU 3 sets (Master 1, Mirror 1, Slave 1)

Basic feeIf necessary (items that can be suggested additionally)
· AP server: 2 vcpu API 2 sets: KRW 250,000 * 2 sets = KRW 500,000 / excluding VAT (monthly cost)
· DB server: API Handler 3 sets: KRW 350,000 * 3 sets = KRW 1,050,000 / excluding VAT (monthly cost)
· Security Server 1 set: KRW 70,000 * 1 set = KRW 70,000 / excluding VAT (monthly cost)
· Maintenance (9hr x 6 day): KRW 50,000 * 5 sets = KRW 250,000 / excluding VAT (monthly cost)
· Product installation cost: KRW 800,000 * 5 sets = KRW 4,000,000 / excluding VAT (1 time charge at the initial stage)

· Security Server is the one for storing and distributing the secret key, and about 1-2 per site may be required.
· Product installation cost includes product installation (including one month stabilization support after the installation), data encryption application guide, and developer/operation training.

Technical Support

Solution Building and Technical Support Inquiries