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Cloud Outbound Mailer Update

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A Fast and Reliable Service for Sending Personalized Content Emails

Easily implement personalized emails by using templates with substitution tags. Deliver large volume emails at any time at the highest level on the infrastructure that guarantees a high level of availability and reliability.

Large Volume and Schedule Send Features
You can send emails in bulk using an Excel file or delimiter to enter recipient information. You can also schedule the time for outgoing mail for your convenience.
Personalized Content
You can create and manage email templates with various substitution tags. Use the substitution tags included in the template to send personalized content.
Intuitive Statistics
Intuitive statistics is provided so you can analyze detailed results (success, failure, receipt, not received, receipt block) of sent emails. You can check the email logs (detail error details for each cause of failure) from the product and search for specific logs by date.
Recipient Group Management and Combination Sending
Easily manage groups containing a large number of recipients and send email by using a combination of logical operations, such as AND and OR.

Detailed Features

Easily Send Bulk Emails through Simple Recipient Information Uploading

You can send bulk emails by copying and pasting recipient information that is separated by delimiters or upload an Excel file with the information. Simply use the information you have to send emails.

Use Substitution Tags in Templates to Send Personalized Content

You can use substitution tags in the email subject and body to automatically change it into a personalized content for each recipient.

Use the Template Management Feature to Predefine and Manage Email Content

Create a template depending on the usage frequency or target recipients so all you need to do is to input recipient information to send the email. You can fill out the template subject and body using the substitution tags. The recipient information and substitution tags help you to send hassle-free customized emails.

Analysis Made Easy with Intuitive Statistics

You can use the provided statistics to analyze the success, failure, receipt, non-receipt, or block results by email on a project basis. You can check the reason for transmission failure using the email logs sent from the product and search the logs by date.

Send Mass Emails at the Desired Time

Schedule the outgoing time in advance so you can send emails at the right time. You can reliably transfer large volumes of emails using the infrastructure that guarantees the highest level of availability and reliability.

Easy Linkage to Your Application Using API

To allow sending notifications, information, and marketing mail from various services, platform links are provided. REST API is provided for easy linkage with web-based pages and mobile applications.

Convenient Send and Manage Features for Contacting a Large Number of Recipients

Define the multiple recipient groups by grouping recipient addresses into categories, and extract relevant recipients using various logical operations to send emails conveniently. For example, if recipients are managed by age and gender, you can send an email by specifying a condition for female recipients in their twenties using the AND operation.

Pricing Information

* Cloud Outbound Mailer charges are calculated by adding the number of transmissions.

Service Usage Price

TypeNo. of Free Messages (Monthly)UnitPricing
Sending Email1,000 messagesNo. of messages sent0.45 KRW/message

* Attachments cannot exceed 20MB per mail.

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