Collaborate with partners

Create a success future with NAVER Cloud Platform partners.

Create a success future with NAVER Cloud Platform partners.

We support our partners with diverse business know-how
to achieve meaningful growth based on cloud technology.


Reasons to collaborate with NAVER Cloud Platform partners

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    Take advantage of cloud services and cloud experts to focus on the business itself
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    Innovate your business and increase cost effectiveness through the implementation of the latest technologies
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    Business becomes available anytime, anywhere through domestic and international partners

Partner Type

NAVER Cloud Platform partners are classified according to services and they provide to users and their roles.
Service partners and competency partners can sell NAVER Cloud Platform products, and solutions partners can sell partner products in Marketplace.

  • Service Partners

    "Service partner" sells all NAVER Cloud Platform services to customers, and provides technical support customers need.

    Managed Service Provider

    "Managed Service Providers (MSP)" manage customers directly and can provide technical support and various additional services.
    They design and build cloud systems for our customers, provide migration services, and a variety of solutions to meet customer needs.

    Download MSP partnership guide

    "Resellers" do not have the infrastructure to manage billing or provide technical support directly to the customer.
    Resellers introduce the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM services to interested customers and put their efforts toward proposing solutions to potential customers.

    * If you wish to form a reseller partnership, please consult with NAVER Cloud Platform Premium partners.

  • Solution Partner

    "Solution partner" provides partner software products and SaaS-type services to customers through NAVER Cloud Platform Marketplace.

    Solution partner roles

    They provide software and SaaS solutions supplied by the partners through Marketplace partnership and solution business collaborations to NAVER Cloud Platform customers according to their requirements.

    Download Marketplace partnership guide
    Solution partner advantages

    It is possible to expand sales opportunities to various industries through the solution partnership with NAVER Cloud Platform.

    * Opportunities to enter the cloud market
    * Opportunities to enter regulated industries such as public and financial
    * Opportunities advance into various NAVER Cloud customer industries, such as SMB and enterprise
    * Opportunities for global business sales

  • Competency Partner

    "Competency partner" sells specific services of NAVER Cloud Platform to customers and provides technical support customers need.

    Competency partner roles

    They are partners who manage customers directly and can provide technical support for the service as well as various additional services. They provide cloud system design, construction, and migration services for customers, as well as various solutions to satisfy customer requirements.

    Competency partner category

    Competency partners must sign a partnership contract for each of the following categories, and categories will be added continuously.

    ㆍ AI Services: CLOVA AiCall / CLOVA OCR / CLOVA Chatbot
    ㆍ Big Data & Analytics : Cloud Data Box
    ㆍ Business Applications : SMARTWORK / LIVE COMMERCE POT
    ㆍ Application Services : Maps / Clara Parabricks
    ㆍ To be added

Partner Benefits

NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM partners receive a variety of benefits and support.

Server Specifications
Business support · Discounts on NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM services
· Incentives
· Credit
· Training coupons
Marketing support · Event participation
· Use of the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM logo
· Marketing funds Only for Premium, Gold MSPs
· Partner promotions
· Press releases and marketing content support
Technical support · Technical contents
· Participation in technical seminars
· Webinars
· Troubleshooting
Training support · Training at the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM Learning Center
· Participation in technical training programs for partners
  • For global partnerships, certain benefits may differ. Please make an inquiry to [Contact us] for details.

Partner requirements

Please check the requirements for each type of NAVER Cloud Platform partner.

Service partner (MSP) requirements
Service partner (MSP) requirements
BizMRR5 million KRW or more per month10 million KRW or more per month25 million KRW or more per month50 million KRW or more per month
New Account4 or more per year8 or more per year12 or more per year20 or more per year
TechTech. Score3 points or more
(NCP required)
5 points or more
(NCP required)
5 points or more
(NCE required)
7 points or more
(NCE required)
  • Tech score refers to technology certifications (NCP, NCE) based on NAVER Cloud Platform. Refer to the "Education portal" for details.
Solution partner requirements
  • Stable financial status
  • Having competent technical personnel for solutions
  • Compatibility with NAVER Cloud Platform
Competency partner requirements
  • Submission of executed projects by category and review of executed project results
  • Accomplishment of a set sales goal for in the first year of business (varies by category)

NAVER Cloud Platform Partnership

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