• Safeguard
    your data

    You can use NAVER Cloud Platform services in a completely isolated environment. Except for computing resources that use public IP addresses, environments are isolated from external networks to ensure the protection of data. Cloud administrators are granted access to the infrastructure under strict permission controls through certified gateways only. With NAVER Cloud, you can minimize the risk of security breaches and at the same time guard your information.

  • Robust security environment available
    at no extra cost

    You can apply default security settings to new servers at creation. For Windows servers, you can enjoy free antivirus protection that includes real-time monitoring and quick scanning. You are notified as soon as an intrusion occurs so you can prevent additional damage and ensure high availability.

  • A team of world-class
    security experts

    Benefit from both security specialists with deep expertise in threat detection, systematic analysis, rapid response, and prevention as well as solution developers. These world-class experts from all these different fields are the reason why NAVER has never experienced a major security incident. With its operational experience in successfully responding to global security threats, NAVER Cloud provides you with the most secure services.

  • Compliance

    NAVER Cloud has acquired numerous national and global security certifications from official institutions. It has in place strict limits and controls both online and offline so that everyone can use cloud services without worrying about security.
    List of certifications: ISO/IEC, SOC, CSA STAR, PCI DSS, PIMS, ISMS, CSAP

  • Secure Zone with
    elevated security

    NAVER Cloud provides an enhanced layer of security with Secure Zone so you can manage personal information and other important data. Secure Zone complies with the Personal Information Protection Act and other relevant regulations in configuring infrastructure and networks. You can connect to Secure Zone using an SSL-VPN, firewall, database security solution, or desktop for personal information use, and communications are available only through private IP addresses.

Security Services