• Safeguard
    Your Information

    By allowing only those resources with the proper public IP address, the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM creates a perfectly-isolated environment to protect your services and information. Cloud administrators can access the infrastructure only through authorized gateways under strict permission control, which virtually eliminates the risk of external security threats. Protecting your information is always our top priority.

  • Maximum Security
    at No Cost

    All of our servers are equipped with default security settings, including customized antiviruses for Windows servers. Real-time monitoring is also included free of charge to enable rapid threat detection and response. If any infringement should occur, you will be notified immediately to help prevent additional damage.

  • World-class
    Security Experts

    NAVER Cloud's world-class security team includes detection specialists who systematically identify and analyze threats, solution developers who create and enact quick countermeasures, and technology experts who create the most advanced security resources. That’s why NAVER has never experienced a major security incident. With this impeccable track record of addressing and preventing global security threats, the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM gives customers the ultimate peace of mind.

  • Korean and International Security Certificates
    for safe Cloud service

    NAVER Cloud has received various Korean and international security certificates from authorized organizations. NAVER Cloud operates the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM within strict limitations and controls both online and offline access to ensure the safety of its services and to provide worry-free security for customers.

    Certificates held: ISO/IEC, SOC, CSA STAR, PCIDSS, PIMS, ISMS, CSAP

  • Security-enhanced
    Secure Zone

    Secure Zone with improved security is provided for management of important information assets, such as personal information. Secure Zone complies with the infrastructure and network configuration required by the Personal Information Protection Act and other relevant regulations. You can connect to Secure Zone using an SSL-VPN, Firewall, DB security solution, or a desktop for personal information; communication is possible only via private IP.

Security Services