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Simple & Easy Notification Service Update

서비스에 SMS, PUSH 등을 통한 메시지 알림 기능을 구현할 수 있습니다

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A Service for Easy Implementation of a Notification and Message Delivery Feature

With the Simple & Easy Notification Service, you can implement a message and notification delivery feature for your service conveniently. It helps you operate your service more efficiently by providing real-time message delivery status and delivery histories within a set period.

Efficient Project Management
You can apply the message and notification delivery feature immediately to your service by creating a project and entering metadata. After entering information required at each step, you can perform a message delivery test to check for potential issues before application to the service.
Easy-to-understand API User Guide
An in-depth guide and message delivery samples that will help you go through each step smoothly. Before application to your service, you can utilize the features of the Simple & Easy Notification Service API to enter a sample source and perform a delivery testing.
Intuitive Dashboard
You can check the message and delivery status notifications in real-time via Dashboard. Using the Simple & Easy Notification Service service, you can check all logs that have been sent and also search for logs within a set period. We are planning to provide a wider range of dashboard widgets through continuous updates.
Message Delivery Diversified
You can start a message or notification alert service by linking to Kakao Talk (Alim Talk) in addition to APNS (iOS), GCM/FCM(Android), SMS, and LMS. Connections between NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM services will become even easier as well.

Detailed Features


To sync the SMS/LMS feature, you can register and manage relevant information. You can send out a real message as a test and look up the SMS/LMS delivery history.


멀티미디어 메시지 서비스(Multimedia Messaging Service, MMS)는 글자 위주의  단문 메시지 서비스(SMS)에서 발전하여 이미지, 사진, 그림 등의 멀티미디어 첨부 메시지를 보내는 방식입니다. 실제 메시지 전송 테스트가 가능하고, MMS 전송 이력을 검색 조회 할 수 있습니다.


To sync the APNS and G(F)CM Push service, register and manage relevant certificates in a convenient way. You can send out a real message as a test and look up the push notification delivery history.

International SMS

You can send SMS messages to countries other than Korea. The service regions consist of 7 countries: Taiwan, Japan, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, United States, and Canada. If you want to send messages to other regions, such as Europe, please contact customer support.

080 Call Block

The 080 message block method must be indicated at the end of a promotional message in accordance with the relevant laws (Act on the Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.). With Simple & Easy Notification Service service, you can easily request and block calls.

Kakao Talk Biz Message (Alim Talk)

With Alim Talk service, you can transmit informative messages to customers through Kakao Talk app. Alim Talk is available in Simple & Easy Notification Service service and companies can send informative messages more effectively through the Kakao Talk app in addition to the use of SMS/PUSH. Also, the template registration and message delivery have become easier.

Console and API provided

List of Provided Services
ConsoleDashboard (Home) You can check the message and notification delivery status in real-time and look up a delivery history within a set period. We are planning to add more dashboard widgets where you can check a more diverse range of data more conveniently.
Project Management Provides a feature that you can use to create and manage projects easily.
Simple & Easy Notification Service APIMessage API An in-depth guide for the Channel and Message Delivery API. Using the API’s features, you can also enter actual delivery information and perform testing.

Integrated Dashboard

From the Dashboard found on the Home menu, you can view the delivery information per registered project. You can check the real-time delivery status and look up a delivery history from a set period. We will add more features to the Dashboard Widget through continuous updates. We will sync data that you will find useful for your service operation, such as a widget that displays a chart comparing different periods, or a Top 5 widget that displays the most frequently-delivered messages.

Service-related imageService-related image

Project and Certificate Management

A UI is provided for creating a project and registering information required for sending out Push notifications or SMS messages in a simple way. After registering the certificate and token for each mobile application and applying the message delivery API, you can use the Notification feature immediately in your service.

Service-related imageService-related image

Development API

Once you create a project and register a certificate, you will be provided with the Development API Guide that you can apply to an actual service code. You can even perform a real delivery test with this. We will add more features to the API through continuous updates.

Service-related imageService-related image

※ The Simple & Easy Notification Service service fee is calculated by combining the number of PUSH notifications, SMS, and LMS messages received.

Service Usage Fee

ClassificationFree of Charge (Monthly)UnitPricing
PUSH2,000 messagesNo. of messages sent0.02 KRW / message
SMS50 messagesNo. of messages received9 KRW / message
LMS10 messagesNo. of messages received30 KRW / message
MMSNoneNo. of messages received100 KRW / message
Notification TalkNoneNo. of messages sent7.5 KRW / message
080 Call BlockNANo. of lines29,000 KRW / line
  • An SMS is a short message of up to 90 bytes and an LMS is a longer message of up to 2,000 bytes. MMS는 멀티미디어 파일(이미지/사진/그림)을 전송할 수 있습니다
  • 080 수신 거부 상품의 이용 요금에는 서비스 이용료, 기본 회선료, 통화료(1,000회)가 포함됩니다.(한달 미만 사용시 일할 청구됩니다)
    (단, 080 수신 거부 상품의 월 이용 한도를 초과해 과도한 통화료가 발생하는 경우 이용요금 외 별도의 통화료 청구됩니다. 1,000건 초과시 1건의 통화당 25원)
  • You can send up to 1,000 letters of informative text message at a time to customers through Kakao Talk under Alim Talk (Kakao Alim Talk) service.

International SMS - Rates by Each Country

AsiaTaiwanNo. of messages sent52.8 KRW
JapanNo. of messages sent80.2 KRW
ChinaNo. of messages sent14.4 KRW
SingaporeNo. of messages sent57.8 KRW
Hong KongNo. of messages sent50.5 KRW
AmericaUSNo. of messages sent20 KRW
CanadaNo. of messages sent20 KRW
  • Only an international SMS of less than 90 bytes per message can be sent. LMS cannot be sent.
  • Messages sent as an international SMS will be charged based on the prices for each country. The prices are subject to regular change.

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