• Provides easy and convenient environment configuring blockchains

    NAVER Cloud Platform provides a web-based console environment to enable users to effectively utilize the validated blockchain framework. Through continued improvements, the blockchain technology has been implemented in various solutions, through which it has proven its value. This blockchain technology can now be easily and conveniently implemented using a web-based console.

  • Link with various technologies in the cloud environment

    NAVER Cloud Platform's blockchain service can be linked with various technologies including IoT, securities & authentication, data analysis, and machine learning. It offers a wide selection of products and services for users to utilize a scalable and sophisticated blockchain service by linking it with the latest technologies according to their business objectives.

  • Provides stable infrastructure that is globally scalable

    The blockchain service must overcome existing limitations and quickly process a large volume of transactions. Since multiple organizations participate, it must be sufficiently scalable in a distributed environment. It is possible to configure a large blockchain network based on stable infrastructures that guarantee high availability, multi-zones, and global regions at major regions around the globe.