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Web service Monitoring System

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One-click Web Service Monitoring

Just register the URL you would like to monitor, and that web page will be checked regularly for errors and response times, to ensure the ongoing quality of your web services.

Real-time Monitoring
By registering the URL, you can check the response speed and operation status of the web page in real-time. Monitoring can be done on a minute-by-minute basis and, if an error occurs, you can receive notifications via SMS and email.
Measure Global Response Times
A service to measure the response time of your selected websites, not only in Korea, but also in the US, Germany, Singapore, and around the world. With a simple setting, you can evaluate the performance of web services in any part of the globe.
Scenario Monitoring
When an error occurs in a web service, you can intuitively identify where the actual user is experiencing the discomfort. By considering the use scenarios and usage patterns of the web service, Web service Monitoring System makes sure that the features are functioning well.
Multiple Browser Test Environments
You can check in real-time whether or not the website is working properly in various web browsers. Real-time capture screens in IE, Chrome, Firefox, and analysis of web page loading process are provided to determine whether the service is normal or not from the customer's point of view.

The Web Service Monitoring System checks the normal operation of your web service and provides immediate notification of an event or issue, so you can react quickly.

Real-time Service Analysis

To check the service and status of a web page in real time, simply enter the URL.
Web service Monitoring System does the rest, by instantly measuring the load time, page size, request count, and more so you can compare the performance with other sites. You can also view detailed data for each element of the web page to quickly identify the location of any issue. To continuously monitor a web page, just register the URL and you will begin to regularly receive the results of cyclical analyses, which can be checked on the detail page.

Real-time web page test

Real-time URL performance test page

Detailed monitoring page of URL registered in the schedule

Monitoring Details of Registered URL

Custom Web Service Monitoring

By adjusting various settings of the Web service Monitoring System, you can easily customize the monitoring parameters to suit your needs. You can set the monitoring interval and location (country) by URL, and specify the criteria of events to be detected as errors. In addition, you can set the filters so that you only receive alarms for critical events.

Scenario Monitoring

For more efficient monitoring of web services, you can create scenarios to evaluate the behavior patterns of users. For example, to check the login function of a web page, create the following scenario:

1. Access URL → 2. Enter the ID → 3. Enter the password → 4.Click the login button → 5. Check successful login

Register the scenario with the URL and the Web service Monitoring System will monitor the details of each step.
If a problem occurs, the customer will be provided with a screenshot and a detailed log for an intuitive identification of a problem in the process.

Introduction of Fees

The Web service Monitoring System service applies different unit prices depending on the service type.
You can select the proper service type based on your purpose and cost.

Service Type Introduction

  • Virtual test: Creates a virtual browser to measure website functionality.
  • Scenario test: Similar to the Virtual test, but also measures dynamic features, such as a login.
  • Real browser test: Tests in web browsers, such as IE, Chrome, and Firefox.

Service Usage Fee

Service TypeNumber of diagnosed URL Intervals (Accumulated Monthly)Unit Price (URL)
Virtual test (1-minute interval)0–2,000 URLsFree
Over 2,000 URLs0.3 KRW/URL
Scenario test (1-minute interval)0–2,000 URLsFree
Over 2,000 URLs0.5 KRW/URL
Real browser test (5-minute interval)0–300 URLsFree
Over 300 URLs2 KRW/URL
  • Fee Example
    Case 1) If you are testing a URL in domestic for 1 month (720 hours per day) in a 1 min interval with a virtual test
    → 1 X 60 (min) X 720 (hours) X 1 (location) = 43,200 (times)
    → 41,200 (times) X 0.3 KRW = 12,360 KRW

    Case 2) If you are testing a URL in domestic and in Japan for 1 month (720 hours per day) in a 1 min interval with a scenario test
    → 1 X 60 (min) X 720 (hours) X 2 (locations) = 86,400 (times)
    → 84,400 (times) X 0.5 KRW = 42,200 KRW
  • The SMS service that notifies the administrator of an event is currently free of charge. It will switch to a paid service in the future and advance notification will be provided before the switch.

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