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고객 서버에서 질의한 IP 주소에 대하여 지역정보 DB를 검색하고 해당 지역의 정보를 고객 서버로 전달합니다

The Only Service in Korea that Provides User IP-based Location Data

GeoLocation searches through the GeoLocation DB to find IP addresses requested from your server, and sends data such as country, city (si)/ county (gun)/district (gu), neighborhood (dong), coordinates of the nearest location, and mobile carrier. Using this service, you can provide distinctive content depending on the user's location, use targeted ads, perform traffic analysis, manage DRM, detect abuse and fraud, and more.

Commercial Benefits
Many NAVER services, including Search Ads, Weather, Maps, and Video, are already using GeoLocation. It also displays ads relevant to the searcher's current location or suggests the weather at the user's current location as a location of interest. You too can reap the benefits of these quality services, which have been key parts of NAVER’s growth and success over the years.
Latest Location Data with High Accuracy
With GeoLocation, you can not only obtain information on the country, but coordinates of city (si)/county (gun)/district (gu), neighborhood (dong), and nearby areas. You can always receive the latest information from the GeoLocation DB that maintains high accuracy through frequent updates throughout the day.
Customized Service
By providing customized contents for users in various regions, GeoLocation improves the relevance and effectiveness of your services. After you create a database for a given location, users in that location will receive customized information based on the results of GeoLocation API.
Convenient Use
With the RESTful API, you can use GET or POST to receive the user’s information in XML or JSON. More GeoLocation APIs will soon be provided, making this service even easier and more effective.

Detailed Features

Several features validated by NAVER are provided in the API.

Provided Items

As details of the user’s location are provided, it can be utilized for various purposes. In addition, other location-related information will be provided as APIs.
Note: If you would like to add any additional information, please contact Customer Support.

CountryCountry codes such as KR, JP, CN, US, DE, and HK
Area CodeRefers to the Administrative Neighborhood Code set forth by the Ministry of the Interior and Safety in Korea
Area NameProvince (do), Special city (teukbyeolsi)/Metropolitan city (gwangyeoksi), State (ju), City (si), Country (gun), District (gu), and Neighborhood (dong)
CoordinatesLatitude, Longitude
CarrierName of Carrier in Use
  • An ‘Administrative Neighborhood (Haengjeongdong)’ refers to an administrative unit that divides areas in which Korean residents reside for administrative convenience. Currently, the Ministry of the Interior and Safety is in charge of making such divisions. Each administrative neighborhood has a unique code value, which you can find in the Administrative Standard Code Management Systems (
  • Mobile network IP addresses, such as 3G and LTE, are not supported.
  • With NAT, VPN, or Proxy, the accuracy may decrease since a large number of people share one IP address.
  • To learn more, please refer to the Manual.

Using the API

To use the API, you must have an OAuth authentication key issued. An API authentication key can be issued and managed via 'My Page - Authentication Key Management' from the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM portal site. The API is executed with the RESTful API type HTTP GET/POST method. The API enables you to create various monitoring management features.

Quota setting

To stay within your budget, you can set a monthly quota for the number of allowed API calls. The billing amount is determined by the number of API calls made each month, thus you can set a Quota for the monthly number of API calls. You can also set to receive SMS or email notifications when the number of API calls reaches the Quota. It’s easy to adjust the quota for efficient cost management.

Performance and Stability

The response time on the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM network is less than 10 ms. In the past year, the network has a proven track record or operating without a second of down time. The capacity will be gradually expanded according the requested volume, so you will never experience any limitations in the available capacity.

Global Region

The NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM was built solely in Korea, but it can be used in other global regions. However, areas outside of Korea may experience a slightly longer response time. If you need to use GeoLocation in areas outside of Korea, please contact the Customer Support, as we are planning to expand the service to other parts of the world.

Comparison with Competitors

Comparison with Competitors
GeoLocationM Company
Coverage of IP Addresses within Korea98.6% (estimated)89%
Accuracy of IP Addresses within Korea by City (si)95% or higher (estimated)47%
IP Addresses within Korea by Neighborhood (dong)73.7% (estimated)Not available

Pricing information

To help you operate your business flexibly in different situations, we offer a practical service and the corresponding pricing model.

GeoLocation Price
Usage LevelFee per API Call
0–1,000 callsFree
1,000–10,000,000 calls0.4 KRW/call
Over 10,000,000 calls0.3 KRW/call

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