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SourceBuild Update

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Fully Managed Parallel Build Service, No Need for Build Server Operations

SourceBuild is a service which creates independent build servers in real-time to handle a number of build requests simultaneously. You can build, test, and distribute the source codes developed as various languages quickly and easily.

Fast Configuration of Build Environments
High performance dedicated infrastructure for SourceBuild is provided to quickly provision and automatically scale out the build environment. Multiple builds are conducted safety and fast in an independent environment.
Diverse Preconfigured Build Environments
A wide range of preconfigured build environments are provided. You can select the environment you need, easily create the build project, and builtd the project to distribute the resulting outcome.
Reasonable Cost
Fees are charged by time (in minutes) from the moment the build script is executed after the build server completes provisioning until the distribution of outcome is completed.
Detailed Build Logs
You can check the build logs displayed on the build environment console in real-time at the Console. Use the build logs to check build errors fast.

Detailed Features

Ultra-Fast Provisioning

Once a build task is requested, the build server is provided through ultra-fast provisioning without having to operate an independent build server. You can perform builds quickly and safely under the same environment each time you perform a building task.

Selectable Build Server Resources

Select three types of build server resources depending on the build capacity. You can perform builds by selecting the effective server resource according to source code build and test cases.

Diverse Preconfigured Build Environments

Meet various build environments that are preconfigured with frequently used libraries and tools. Select the right environment for yourself, create build projects, perform build tasks quickly and easily.

Fast and Easy Distribution of Outcomes

Distribute your outcome quickly and easily to the Object Storage with a simple setup. You can even safely store build outcomes from the past using the backup feature.

Enhanced Security

Assign access rights to the subaccount by each build project to control access by each subaccount.

Pricing Information

A cost-effective service that is paid as much as you use from the start to the end of SourceBuild code.

(VAT Excluded)
TypeAvailable SpecificationsSourceBuild FeeRemark
SourceBuild2 EA4GB5 KRW100 Free build-minutes per month
8 EA16GB20 KRW

Usage Fee

  • The SourceBuild fee is charged based on the instance resources used from the time SourceBuild is started until it is ended.
  • SourceBuild is available free of charge for 100 minutes every month. (2vCPU, memory 4G specifications only)
  • SourceBuild will be billed per minute on a minimum rate basis.
    e.g. If you run the build once (4vCPU, 8GB) for one minute and 10 seconds, you will be charged 20 KRW. (2 min * 10 KRW)
  • Object storage used by SourceBuild to store build results is charged separately in hours based on usage.

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