Monitors and manages your IT infrastructure and operations 24/7, 365 days a year, to ensure the performance and dependability of your cloud services

  • Control Systems Around the World
    with NAVER Technology

    Along with the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM, the NAVER Cloud develops and provides management technology that enables you to solve a wide range of system problems. If a server crashes or an error message occurs anywhere in your global network, you can remotely identify and address the problem, from either inside or outside the data center. In addition, a management network operates separately from the service network, so that problems can be solved and systems can be scaled without impacting the cloud services that customers use.

  • Superior Service and Stability with Self-monitoring Technology

    NAVER has developed an innovative self-monitoring system that allows you to check the status of hundreds of thousands of IT devices and multiple NAVER services. Simply choose the parameters of any indexes or events that you would like to monitor and the system will continuously analyze incoming values and data streams and instantly notify you or your staff of any abnormalities. Integrating numerous monitoring functions into a single system ensures that any issues related to the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM will be immediately and effectively addressed.

  • Solves Problems and Handles Issues Before the User Finds Them

    The fully-integrated and organized control system of the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM allows for 24/7, 365 days a year monitoring of your entire network. If any potential problems are detected, relevant staff members notified immediately via a radio system and the recovery status can be checked in real-time with mobile devices. This immediate response to problems, regardless of time or location, ensures the stability and operation of your services.

Management Services