• Control your system from wherever you are
    with NAVER Cloud technology

    NAVER Cloud offers resource management technologies to immediately resolve problems that arise in the system. If your server suddenly goes down or you receive an error message, you can identify and troubleshoot issues remotely. You can also control resources from both inside and outside data centers. Because there is a management network that operates separately from the service network, you can quickly respond to failures and manage systems at scale without disrupting your cloud services.

  • Enhance service reliability through NAVER Cloud monitoring technology

    NAVER Cloud built its own monitoring system to track the status of hundreds of thousands of IT equipment and a diverse array of NAVER services in real time. Set alarms for any number of metrics and events that you would like to detect and the system will quickly report anomalies by analyzing various numbers and data. All of this monitoring on infrastructure takes place in a central place, enabling quick and effective responses to issues in the NAVER Cloud Platform as well.

  • Identify and resolve issues with the failure management process

    NAVER Cloud Platform runs a 24/7 monitoring system that centrally controls resources, which is among the best in Korea. You can receive alarms immediately upon failure detection and check the recovery progress in real time using your mobile device. The quick resolution of issues without time and place constraints ensures that your services keep running reliably.

Management & Governance Services