Customer Success Stories

These customer case studies introduce successful companies that provide safe and efficient services via the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM.

The NAVER Cloud Platform is exceptional in its capacity to recognize and analyze Korean in an AI environment related to language.
For the first time in the industry, Samsung Card is operating an online community service that shares the main interests of the customers such as ‘Young Lab’ in March 2014, ‘Baby Story’ in January 2016, ‘Kidsgomgom’ and ‘Ajinyangi’ in 2017, and ‘Life Doodle’ last January. We are mainly using the AI service of the NAVER Cloud Platform. Generally, AI is closely linked to language and I think NAVER Cloud Platform’s ability to recognize and analyze Korean is truly superior. Especially for customer services, its benefits include a more immediate and friendly service than that of other overseas cloud servers.
Download the ‘Ajinyangi’ app on [Google Play] or [App Store].[Google Play][App Store]


  • Background

    • Evaluation of Speech to Text (STT) and CLOVA Chatbot solution to apply to mobile community services
  • Use

    • Realized voice recognition function through CLOVA Speech Recognition (CSR)
    • Responded to inquiries utilizing the CLOVA Chatbot services
  • Results

    • It became possible for the user to easily write with voice through CSR.
    • The CLOVA Chatbot helped increase accessibility to information by shortening the time spent on searching for answers.