Customer Success Stories

These customer case studies introduce successful companies that provide safe and efficient services via the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM.

WORKPLACE provided on a cloud platform has been a great help for us in carrying out tasks, such as electronic approval and HR and financial management, without additional cost.
42MARU is an AI startup where search portal experts get together to develop a deep semantic question answering (QA) platform based on deep learning technology. By operating our internal groupware as a cloud service through NAVER Cloud Platform’s WORKPLACE, we are making a breakthrough in all directions, in carrying out in-house collaborations, communicating with external parties, and performing HR/general affairs/financial managements.


  • Background

    • Lack of resources to develop internal groupware
    • Demand for prompt customer support
    • Demand for a system with stable support and continuous updates
  • Use

    • In-house collaboration, communication with external parties, and HR/general affairs/financial management
    • All services including mail, messenger, and cloud storage are utilized.
    • Continued task management, regardless of the time and place (including overseas access), utilizing the WORKPLACE mobile app
  • Results

    • Cost reduction resulting from adoption of the collaboration solution
    • Improved efficiency and innovation of task management in all directions