Customer Success Stories

These customer case studies introduce successful companies that provide safe and efficient services via the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM.

We have never experienced reliability issues since migration into NAVER Cloud Platform!
While using services from another cloud provider, we experienced enough inconveniences due to unreliable network. But surprisingly we have never suffered such an experience since shifting to NAVER Cloud Platform. Now we are fully satisfied with the customer assistance, prices, and performance all. And at the same time, we serve as a solution partner providing a new service ‘Send Anywhere Plus.’


  • Background

    • Experiences a headache during service operation due to unreliable network service provided by a different company
    • Needs reasonably priced products to provide a large file delivery service
  • Use

    • Uses high-performing server and storage to provide a reliable service
    • Secures flexibility for service operation through NAVER Cloud Platform
  • Results

    • Easily operates service with a small number of staff helped by customer support center
    • Runs a large file delivery service without interruption in a stable manner