Customer Success Stories

These customer case studies introduce successful companies that provide safe and efficient services via the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM.

We were able to successfully complete the promotion with a 70 times increase in traffic.
Barrel, Inc., is a water sports-based sportswear brand that launched the brand “BARREL”. Recently, they have begun to focus not only on water sports but also on “barrel fit”, a sportswear for yoga and pilates. Barrel Day, Swim Day, etc. are held every second half of the year. With the introduction of the NAVER Cloud Platform, they were able to successfully wrap up their online promotions even with heavy traffic.
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"The cloud infrastructure plays a major role in enabling BARREL to successfully host events without online mall paralysis, even with large traffic. Despite the fact that traffic increased 50 times during the actual promotion with the introduction of NAVER Cloud Platform, the event was stably held on its own online mall without any delays in connection. As a result, the number of online mall page views increased 70 times and the number of visitors increased 39 times."

  • Background

    • Needed infrastructure to respond to large traffic such as 'Barrel Day' and 'Swim Day' without server downtime
  • Use

    • Scaled out Web and DB servers with a flexible cloud infrastructure
    • Applied CDN (Contents Delivery Network) for fast image transfer
  • Results

    • Successfully finished promotion despite 70 times increase in traffic