Customer Success

These customer case studies introduce successful companies that provide safe and efficient services via NAVER Cloud Platform.

Upon two years of verification, we choose NAVER Cloud Platform because of its compliances with medical laws and privacy acts.

Korea University Anam Hospital P-HIS Health Care

The hospital information system is a key work-related system in the hospital, as it is a sensitive system that can threaten the lives of patients or cause major disruption in the event of a minor failure. NAVER Cloud Platform and Korea University Medical Center went through thorough verification during the pilot project for two years, and successfully completed the verification as they were proven to support the medical-only cloud needed to implement a stable hospital information system. Korea University Anam Hospital is the first P-HIS application case in Korea, and it is the first advanced general hospital in Korea to introduce a cloud-based hospital information system. Once applied to Korea University Anam Hospital, it aims to distribute it sequentially to Korea University Guro Hospital and Korea University Ansan Hospital and spread P-HIS nationwide.
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  • Networking
  • Management & Governance