Customer Success Stories

These customer case studies introduce successful companies that provide safe and efficient services via the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM.

We were able to support the online learning of elementary and middle school students stably.
The e-learning center of the Korea Educational Research Information Service is an integrated online learning service for elementary and secondary schools that brings together cyber learning operated by 17 municipal and provincial education offices. In addition, digital textbooks are a classroom-based SNS learning community platform based on EduNet and digital textbooks, with the addition of learning materials such as multimedia materials, evaluation questions, and supplementary learning functions to existing textbooks, and “Wedorang” was operated on NAVER Cloud platform along with e-learning sites at the time of its start online.


  • Background

    • Needed to prepare systems such as e-learning sites and digital textbooks as online educational aids due to COVID-19
    • Needed to prepare a platform for online start-ups due to COVID-19
  • Use

    • Scaled up servers and DBs to handle large traffic
    • Optimized system structure and monitoring continuously
    • Pre-cached and re-encoded CDN content
    • Applied security guides to analyze and improve web vulnerabilities
  • Results

    • Built a stable online learning platform for 1.3 million concurrent users