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Beusable is a service for providing basic user statistics to usability, UX analysis, and improvement plans based on user logs. User experience (UX) is provided as a visualized data for easy understanding and you can gain a powerful UX insight by seeing the use-behavior of all users in a normalized UX model. If you add one line of script code issued by Beusable on the desired page of analysis, you can check the UX analysis result real-time.

Product Details

Main Features

  • Beusable extracts qualitative and ambiguous use-behaviors of users as data to provide it as visualized information.
  • The analyzing functions (Activity Stream, Comparing Referrers, Segmenting CTA, and etc.) were designed Beusable's expertise to provide a very realistic and specific solution for UX improvement.
  • The easy-to-understand UIs and features are easily usable by any organization scale or domain so anyone can analyze data in the following procedure: establish hypothesis, measurement, and verification stage.

Detailed Features

UX Heatmap

User behavior (click, hover, and scroll) data are visualized as heat distribution image on the page for analysis so you can see: the focus area of interest for visitors, which contents were searched for, which content was consumed, and more.

Activity Stream

Activity Stream is a UX analysis feature provided only in Beusable, that shows the User Journey Map. You can also identify content consumption order, a bounce during the browsing stage, and the time spent.

Segmenting as CTA

You can find out the channel of inflow on the users who have clicked main conversion factors (e.g., Event Participation button or Join Membership button), page visit indicator, ratio of new visit/revisit, and user environment statistics.


You can find the service areas that need improvement by checking the bounce rate in each stage from inflow of visitors up to conversion. The remaining and bounce rate per stage can be seen at a glance and the pages with high bounce rates can be improved to a better conversion rate.

A/B Testing

Through Beusable A/B Testing, you can select the optimum proposal out of two promotion page draft proposals or measure performance before and after improving the UX page. Beusable supports to minimize the developing resources and to proceed with A/B Testing with just few clicks.

Installation & Usage Guide

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ConditionsAllowed Quantity of Analysis PV (Monthly Basis, Renewed Every Month)10,000 PV100,000 PV300,000 PV500,000 PV1,000,000 PV5,000,000 PV10,000,000 PV
Data Reflecting Cycle (Real-time)1 Hour1 Hour1 Hour1 Hour1 Hour1 Hour1 Hour
No. of Pages that Can be Registered (Based on URL)UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Data Storage Period-6 months6 months6 months6 months6 months6 months
Unit of Data View PeriodDayDayDayDayDayDayDay
Provided Features UX Heatmap + Heatmap Analysis Reportooooooo
Main Index on Users (15 Items)ooooooo
Simulation of (All) User Browsing Processooooooo
UX Heatmap Comparison per Referrerooooooo
Tracking User Characteristics per CTA Factorooooooo
A/B Testing and Result Analysis Reportooooooo
Function to Exclude Specific Factors (Popup, Layer Menu)ooooooo
Function to Exclude Specific IPsooooooo
Multilingual Support (Korean, English and Japanese)ooooooo
Sending Weekly Status Report per Pageoxooooo
Page Analysis after Loginoxooooo
Funnel Analysis (User Flow Between Pages)oxxoooo
Session Report (User Recording and Analysis)oxxoooo
Monthly Usage FeeFree for 2 weeks100,000 KRW300,000 KRW500,000 KRW1,000,000 KRW3,000,000 KRW5,000,000 KRW

* Beusable Cloud (NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM Version) is the product version applied.

Technical Support

Product & Technical Support Inquiries

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  • Telephone: +82 (0)31-625-4386 (Weekdays, 10 AM - 7 PM)