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100 million, 1 second, MACHBASE!

MACHBASE is an innovative DBMS that stores and analyzes time series big data in real-time.
Time series big data means log type data constantly created from various IT infrastructures, such as IoT devices, sensors, and applications.
Since tens to hundreds of thousands of bits of data is generated per second, it stores the data as simple text or utilizes open source for storage and analysis to save costs.

Using MACHBASE, you can save and search for data in real-time and even make prompt decision-making thanks to the fast handling of large data in a rapidly changing business environment.

Product Details


Edge Analytics for IoT Gateway

  • ARM, x86 CPU support
  • Linux 32/64 bit support
  • Raspberry PI 2/3, ARTIK porting
  • Tens of thousands of EPS inputs/second

Fast Processing in single server

  • Linux/Windows 64 bit support
  • Hundreds of thousands of data storage/second
  • Lookup available instantly after storage
  • Optimized for appliances

Highly Scalable Cluster

  • Storage and replication of distribution data
  • High speed search of distributed query processing
  • Additional extension of data nodes
  • Convenient web-based operation tools

Main Features

Fast Input Data

  • Millions of data/second
  • Column structure suitable for OLAP
  • Generation of real-time BITMAP indexes
  • LSM index for mass data

Fast / High Compression

  • Two step compression (logical and physical)
  • 1/3 of compression compared to the original copy
  • Reduction of data storage
  • Improved performance with minimized system load

Fast Data Querying

  • ASNI standard SQL supported
  • Time-series analysis syntax provided
  • Full text search support
  • Query cache support

Easy to Use

  • Various raw log collectors
  • Link to BI solutions (R and Tableau)
  • MWA dashboard visualization
  • IP address types supported

Comparison of Performance

No. of Inputs/second

Full Text Search(secs)

  • 2 million searches

Applicable Areas

Security Control

  • Security log storage and management system
  • Network packet analysis system
  • Log analysis in UTM equipment


  • Manufacturing execution system (MES)
  • Process-oriented risk management and prevention
  • Semiconductor factory MES


  • Fraud detection system (FDS)
  • Analysis of user transactions
  • Real-time service log storage management


  • Storage management of relay and equipment logs
  • Location-based advertising system
  • Customized service proposal system

Power/Heavy Industry

  • Detection and warning system for generator sensors
  • Remote monitoring and management of power plants
  • Smart factory


  • Storage and management of game logs
  • Game item tracker
  • Real-time user behavior analytics

Service Usage Guide

Refer to the manual for installation and usage guidance.
Online manual:


OSMachbase VersionUsage Fee(KRW)
CentOS 6.6Standard 3.7.0 64Bit190,000 KRW
CentOS 7.3Standard 3.7.0 64Bit190,000 KRW
CentOS 14.04Standard 3.7.0 64Bit190,000 KRW
CentOS 16.04Standard 3.7.0 64Bit190,000 KRW
Windows Server 2012Standard 3.7.0 64Bit190,000 KRW
  • The MACHBASE fee is the DBMS license fee. The server and OS (Windows) fees are charged separately.
  • Please contact sales ( regarding the Enterprise Edition.

Technical Support

Product & Technical Support Inquiries

Telephone: 02-2109-5606(Weekdays, 9:30 AM - 6:30 PM)
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