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File sharing service that enables effective cooperation through powerful file sharing

With the WORKBOX service, you can manage your files more securely in one place and easily share files with your co-workers both inside and outside your company.

Easy and Light File Sharing with a Simple Folder Structure!
WORKBOX provides an intuitive UI that reduces the complexity of folder structure in common file sharing services by simply dividing folders into shared folders and personal folders. In addition, by providing various sharing functions such as folder sharing and link sharing, it allow customers to easily and lightly respond to all kinds of file sharing scenarios needed for internal/external cooperation in the business. All about easy and fast file sharing, you can experience through WORKBOX!
Powerful Service Environment Management Tools
WORKBOX administrators are provided with management tools with which they can directly configure various service environment, such as setting permissions for using major functions, setting environment for using shared folders and inviting/managing members. This allows each company to customize the WORKBOX service to the desired level of file sharing and collaboration.
Cost Reduction through Flexible Storage Space Management
The storage space usage of WORKBOX can be checked in real time, and additional purchases and returns of capacity can be made immediately from small units. As a result, storage capacity can be flexibly scaled up and down, thereby reducing storage costs.
Advanced Access Control Processing and Security
WORKBOX provides advanced access control processing which specifies editing and viewing permission by shared folder. In addition, administrators are provided with key security management functions, such as the 2-factor authentication setting and password level setting, which enables users to configure WORKBOX service environment more securely.

Details Features

Shared Folders & Link Share

It provides a shared folder function that can handle specified access control for folder master, edit permission, and view permission. By using shared folders, you can cope with most in-house file sharing scenarios. It also provides link sharing to cope with file sharing scenarios with the outside the company. You can create a shared link on a file or folder basis, and you can set a password for the created link so that only authorized users can access it.

Activity Log for Event Tracking

WORKBOX provides a log which can track events (download, move, copy, etc.) by file/folder. It also provides an Activity log of key permission changes made by administrators and changes to the service configuration environment. This makes it easy to track and check most events in WORKBOX.

Hierarchical Permission Management & Various Account Security and Management Tools

WORKBOX divides members into three layers: [Administrator, Sub-administrator and General User]. Administrators and sub-administrators can customize the WORKBOX file sharing environment through their powerful service configuration tools and can utilize account security functions such as setting up 2-factor authentication for each account, password level control, login environment control, and web session wait timeout control. In addition, if you utilize permission management function which limits the key functions (creating shared folders and permanently deleting files/folders) by user hierarchy, you can create a more secure file sharing environment.

Various environment setting provided to administers
Basic Management FunctionsPermission Setting & Security
Invite/manage membersSet permission for creating shared folders
Manage member groupControl shared folder access
Change company info/skinRestore shared folder
Manage company organization chartControl password difficulty
Set company position/titleControl password change policy
Set languageEnable/disable 2-factor authentication
Set permanent delete schedulingControl the number of login failures
Additional purchase/return of capacitySet web session wait timeout
Assign additional capacity (shared / private folders)Enable/disable link sharing
Set permission of permanent delete
Enable/disable Sync permit (function to be added)

Real-time Usage Check & Fast Capacity Addition/Return

WORKBOX storage usage can be checked in real time in the Storage Management page. This allows you to quickly decide whether you want to add or return capacity based on the usage you have seen, and the instant addition or return of capacity enables you to manage the total storage capacity very flexibly.

Client Synchronization (to be added)

WORKBOX provides synchronization function to enable users to use WORKBOX folder on Windows, MAC and mobile (Android, iOS) in the same way. When you use folders synchronized to your device, you can manage WORKBOX files without the need of going through the web UI.

Pricing Information

  • The WORKBOX service provides a free trial period for 30 days for the first usage only.
  • As the WORKBOX service charges 5,000 KRW per user by calculating the total number of users of the additional members and the customer account for the service, the minimum charge of 15,000 KRW will be charged even when the number of users is three or less.
  • The WORKBOX service basically provides 1TB of public capacity and 10GB of private capacity per user, and if you purchase additional capacity, 500 KRW per 10GB will be charged.
ClassificationBilling UnitMeter-rate system
Number of UsersNumber of Users5,000 KRW/month per user
(3 users or less: 15,000 KRW/month)
Additional purchase capacityGB500 KRW/month per 10GB

[Pricing Example]

If two users of WORKBOX have purchased additional capacity of 100GB and used it for one month,
→ 2 (two) users: 15,000 KRW (If the number of user is 3 or less, minimum rate is applied.)
→ Additional capacity purchase 100GB: (100GB/10GB) x 500 KRW = 5,000 KRW
→ Total usage fee for one month: 20,000 KRW (=15,000 KRW+5,000 KRW)

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