Hybrid Cloud Hosting

Leveraging data center and cloud integration services

About Architecture

Hybrid Cloud Hosting is a service that can be used by integrating the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM's IT resources after configuring the physical server, switch, etc. desired by the customer at the data center operated by Naver. You can safely manage infrastructure that contains sensitive information, such as important company documents and personal information databases, using the data center verified while operating the Naver's service. At the same time, you can use infrastructure for using the new technologies such, as scalability of public cloud, global infrastructure environment, handling big data or IoT at reasonable costs on-demand because it is possible to easily connect through a virtual network independent of the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM's managed services. Also, since you can configure a network environment which enables access control to the sensitive information such as personal data, it is a useful and convenient service that can satisfy the compliance requirements of the public sector and finance services.


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Use Cases and Effect

Safe and Flexible Integrated Management
Integrated management is possible by connecting the IT resources of the data center with the different environments and the cloud resources of NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM. Using the IT resources of the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM, you can safely connect with the data center environment.
Rental and Operation of Verified IT Equipment
You can rent the IT resources necessary for your business in the data center environment. The IT resources verified for use by NAVER can be used quickly and easily so that you can receive a stable service operation. It is a service to strategically select and flexibly use the data center resources and NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM resources according to your business.
World Class Data Center
You can use the data center in the same environment as NAVER's service. All resources within the data center have dual or triple redundancy for the highest standard of availability and stability. And experts in each field monitor the data center 24/7, 365 days a year to safely manage your IT resources.
Resolving Compliance Issues
In case of having constraints on using cloud services due to various restrictions or policies, Hybrid Cloud Hosting from NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM can be the solution. You can resolve your restriction or policy issues with our data center services and enjoy the advantages of cloud services at the same time.
Extension of Features and Performance via Cloud
When trying to build a service using new technologies such as handling big data or AI, cloud provides the test environment to experience and adopt the new technologies easily and conveniently, and an environment to operate the service right away. Also, you can operate by connecting the services and data developed using new technology with the existing legacy systems because the hybrid architecture provides features to connect the on-premise systems and cloud flexibly and safely. With hybrid connection, extend the features and the performance of the legacy system as you experience the native cloud technology using the cutting edge features like unrestricted server resources, infinitely scalable storage, various applications and AI.