Security architecture

For safe and reliable configuration and use of NAVER Cloud Platform's security services, reference security architecture info and settings guide are provided.
The security guide can be downloaded from Security materials.

NAVER Cloud Platform security guide
The security guide is provided for safe configuration and use of cloud services in utilization of various security services.
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Account management

The console account in the cloud environment has permissions to create, change, and delete resources. Therefore, the console account must be safely managed.

Password complexity settings
API authentication key management
Minimum password length settings
Account permission granting method
Application of strengthened authentication method
Removal of unnecessary accounts

Network security

A guide is provided for safe configuration of network in the cloud environment.

Network separation according to service purpose
Secure connection method settings
NAT Gateway management

Server security

Access Control Group (ACG) settings and server access guide are provided for safe operation of servers in the cloud environment.

Service port management
Public IP usage restrictions
Server-to-server communication control
Removal of unnecessary servers
User access control
OS vulnerability inspection

Storage security

A guide is provided to prevent leakage of information stored in cloud storage and operate it safely.

Bucket disclosure settings
Removal of unnecessary buckets
Data lifecycle management
NAS access control

DB security

When using the Cloud DB product, it provides a way to manage the customers' important information resources more safely.

DB zone security configuration
DB Backup
DB access control

Cloud environment security audit

Audits must be performed to prevent misuse of the customer's cloud environment by unauthorized account activities or unauthorized accounts.

Audits based on account activities
Audits based on resources

Preparation of service continuity

Using multi-zones, you can configure redundancy and high availability for service availability and continuity.

Multi-zone configuration