Security architecture

For safe and reliable configuration and use of NAVER Cloud Platform's security services, reference security architecture info and settings guide are provided.
The security guide can be downloaded from Security materials.

Reference security architecture for use of private cloud

For safe and reliable configuration of NAVER Cloud Platform's security services, reference architecture info are provided.

Regulations compliance

· Criteria for Personal Information Security
– Article 5 (Management of Access Permission) Records on the differential grant, change, or cancellation of access permission
– Article 8 (Preservation and inspection of Access Records) Prevention of forgery and modulation of access records

Reference Architecture

  • VPC
  • Classic
  • Sub Account

    Accounts are assigned and permissions are divided by service so that users may be identified through NAVER Cloud Platform's Sub Account product.

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  • Resource Manager, Cloud Activity Tracer, Cloud Advisor (VPC environment)

    Features for monitoring records of creating, changing, and deleting resources such as servers, DBs, and networks through the console are provided through NAVER Cloud Platform's Resource Manager and Cloud Activity Tracer services. In addition, cloud environments can be audited and inspected using the Cloud Advisor service in the VPC environment.

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  • System access control, DB access control (Marketplace)

    System access control and DB access control solutions (3rd party) provided by Marketplace on NAVER Cloud Platform allows account management and access control to be implemented for resources the customers created themselves, such as servers and DBs. User account creation, user account management, and access record management are provided.

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