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CDN+ Update

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Quickly and Safely Transfer Large Content to Many Users

CDN+ is a service that transfers a wide range of content to Internet users quickly and safely. CDNs are used in many applications, such as the fast transfer of many images, ultra-fast download of large-volume content, and non-stop streaming service for media content. The web console provides convenient CDN service. When applying for the CDN+ service, your service application is complete within a few minutes and you can then transfer content. The fee is calculated based on the meter rate, so the network and the number of requests used to transfer content are the basis of calculating the fee.

Web Caching and Download Services for Content
A service for web caching and downloading for various contents, such as images, game installation files, and media. Even when content usage increases suddenly, we provide stable transmission to maintain the service continuity.
Simple Application and Use
Use the web-based console to create and set up the CDN service online. The CDN service application is complete within a few minutes and you can begin transferring your content right away. The CDN fee is proportionate to the amount of content transferred and the number of requests. There are no minimum or maximum constraints for using the CDN service.
Link with other NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM Services
Easily use your CDN with other services. Customers of the Object Storage and Server services can link to the CDN without making changes to the original contents. You can enhance the media service quality though the link with our various NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM services.
Reliable Transmission and Efficient Cost Management
A stable content transmission is possible due to the know-how and technology proven via the large-scale traffic operation of the NAVER Service. There is no need to build your own cache server platform to handle large amounts of traffic, so you have utilize your service at low costs. The cost is proportional to the amount of content transfer and the number of requests, so it is great for easy cost management.

Deliver your high volume traffic securely and quickly anywhere in the country

Content Security Features

Content security features are provided for safe content transfer. The following features are provided for contents security:

  • HTTPS transfer support (including SSL certificate setting feature)
  • Permitting access from registered domains
  • Creating secure URLs, based on the Secure-Token protocol
  • Content linking with the source server via HTTPS

Transmission Support Using HTTP/2 Protocol

In addition to HTTP1.0 and HTTP1, the traditional web standard protocols, 1, HTTP/2 protocol which was established by IETF in 1H, 2015 is also supported.

Web caching and download features

You can set the general CDN service properties, such as web caching and download, on the web console. We provide services via HTTP/HTTPS/HTTP2 protocols and support various caching options and viewer transmission settings. You can deliver your content securely and quickly even in high volume traffic.

CDN Statistics and Monitoring function

By default, the following items are provided for the CDN and the source:

  • CDN usage (transmission/number of requests)
  • Hit ratio compared to number of requests
  • Statistics by response code
  • Source transmissions

Content Access Logs

The access logs for the CDN content requests are provided to support analysis of content transfer and use patterns. The extracted access logs are linked to the Object Storage and saved automatically on a periodic basis.

Supports Various Source Servers

CDN+ supports content linking with various source servers through HTTP/HTTPS/HTTP2 protocols. You can set the Object Storage and Server on the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM as the source server, including various web servers owned by the customer and freely set ports for connection.

CDN+ Specification

FeatureGeneral CDNCDN+
Location to supply contentKoreaKorea
Scope of ServiceWeb Caching & Download (streaming support)Web Caching & Download
Traffic coverageLimitedNo limitation (However, prior agreement is required when using over 100Gbps)
CDN creation/change timeWithin minutes or hoursWithin minutes
Content linking protocol with sourceHTTPHTTP/HTTPS/HTTP2
Viewer supportSecure Token, Referrer DomainSecure Token, Referrer Domain, Gzip compression
Caching supportCache expiry date, Query String applicabilityCache expiry date, Query String applicability, Header application rules, Ignore validity check on source failure, Caching exclusion option, Large file optimization

Pricing Information

To help you operate your business flexibly in different situations, we offer a practical pricing model.

CDN Price List
ClassificationBilling UnitsUsage LevelMeter-rate system
Monthly transmission feeGB0–0.5TB90 KRW
0.5TB–10TB84 KRW
10TB–50TB78 KRW
50TB–150TB71 KRW
150TB–500TB43 KRW
500TB–1,000TB35 KRW
Monthly request fee10,000 requests-10 KRW
  • Service fee = Monthly transfer fee + Monthly request fee
    • - Monthly transfer fee = Sum of total CDN transfer amount fees for the month
    • - Monthly request fee = The number of total CDN requests for the month

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