Guide to Getting Started
Running actions with Cloud FunctionsCreating Linux serversCreating Windows serversUsing Cloud DB for MySQLUsing Cloud DB for MSSQLUploading files to Object StorageCreating and mounting NAS (Linux)Create and mount NAS (Windows) Utilization of Compass in Cloud DB for MongoDBCreating Ncloud Tensorflow Server, a deep learning frameworkCreating Jenkins, a software development toolRequesting subscription to SSL VPNIntegrate Object Storage with CDN+Creating resume portfolio with Object StorageCreating SourceCommit repositoryBuilding WordPress website and publishing videoLinking Jenkins with Slack messagesReceiving daily news using Cloud Outbound Mailer and Cloud FunctionsBuilding a Mattermost chat platformCreating thumbnails using Image OptimizerCalling business logic using API Gateway and Cloud FunctionsBuilding a scalable distributed processing web serviceBuilding a LAMP stack serviceCreating search service with Cloud SearchBuilding a Java profiling service with Pinpoint Building a content provision service with WordPressBuilding a VPN with ShadowsocksRunning live broadcasts with Live StationCreating Kubernetes clusterManage virtual server with Auto Scaling Connecting IPsec VPNCollecting logs with Cloud Log AnalyticsCreating FAQ chatbotUsing Zeppelin Notebook with Cloud HadoopAnalyzing big data with Data ForestUsing the sub accountSynthesizing AI voices with CLOVA DubbingAiTEMS real-time product recommendations using Cloud FunctionsBuilding data pipeline with Kafka ConnectProviding image translation service using Serverless FrameworkBuilding big data analytics environments with Data Forest

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