Pricing Introduction

You can use cloud services as needed depending on situations to pay less.

Pricing method

NAVER Cloud Platform provides a pay-as-you-go pricing plan based on usage amount depending on service billing elements. There is no initial implementation expense, and the principle is to pay for the monthly usage. So anyone can easily design the most reasonable expense using the pricing calculator before the service subscription request. You can pay for the used amount and can suspend and terminate services freely whenever needed.


Competitive pricing model

We're providing a pricing model that can fulfill various business needs. You can pay less through various discounts such as pay-as-you-go pricing plan and bundled service discount.


Flexible payment method

We're supporting global currency payment based on the client's residence.We're providing various payment options such as credit card, bank account transfer, virtual account, prepaid coin, and easy payment.


Efficient expense management

With a free expense management service, you can monitor expense trends continuously.

Learn more about service fee

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  • Compute
    • Server
    • SSD Server
    • GPU Server
    • Bare Metal Server
    • Auto Scaling
    • Cloud Functions
    • Application Server Launcher
  • Containers
    • Container Registry
    • Kubernetes Service
  • Storage
    • Object Storage
    • Archive Storage
    • Block Storage
    • NAS
    • Backup
  • Networking
    • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
    • Load Balancer
    • Cloud Connect
    • Global DNS
    • IPsec VPN
    • NAT Gateway
    • DNS (deprecated)
    • Global Traffic Manager
  • Database
    • Cloud DB for PostgreSQL
    • Cloud DB for MySQL
    • Cloud DB for Redis
    • Cloud DB for MSSQL
    • Cloud DB for MongoDB
    • MSSQL
    • MySQL
    • CUBRID
    • Redis
    • PostgreSQL
    • MariaDB
    • Tibero
    • Database Migration Service
  • Security
    • Secure Zone
    • Basic Security
    • ACG
    • App Safer
    • File Safer
    • Security Monitoring
    • SSL VPN
    • Web Security Checker
    • System Security Checker
    • App Security Checker
    • Compliance Guide
    • Key Management Service
    • Certificate Manager
    • Private CA
    • Webshell Behavior Detector
    • Cloud Security Watcher
  • AI Services
    • AiTEMS
    • CLOVA AiCall
    • CLOVA Chatbot
    • CLOVA Dubbing
    • CLOVA Speech
    • CLOVA Studio
    • CLOVA Voice
    • CLOVA Speech Recognition (CSR)
    • CLOVA Sentiment
    • Papago Translation
    • Papago Image Translation
    • Korean Name Romanizer
    • CLOVA Summary
    • TensorFlow Server
    • TensorFlow Cluster
    • Ncloud Pose Estimation
    • Object Detection
    • CLOVA Face Recognition (CFR)
    • CLOVA GreenEye
    • CLOVA CareCall
  • Application Services
    • GeoLocation
    • Maps
    • nShortURL
    • Simple & Easy Notification Service
    • API Gateway
    • Search Trend
    • RabbitMQ
    • Ncloud Simple RabbitMQ
    • Cloud Outbound Mailer
    • Pinpoint
    • JEUS
    • WebtoB
    • Clara Parabricks
  • Big Data & Analytics
    • Cloud Hadoop
    • Cloud Search
    • Search Engine Service
    • Data Analytics Service
    • Cloud Data Streaming Service
    • Data Forest
    • Cloud Data Box
    • HEaaN Homomorphic Analytics
    • Data Box Frame
    • Data Catalog
  • Content Delivery
    • CDN+
    • Global CDN
    • Global Edge
  • Developer Tools
    • SourceBand
    • SourceCommit
    • SourceBuild
    • SourceDeploy
    • SourcePipeline
    • Jenkins
  • Gaming
    • Game Report
    • Game Chat
  • Hybrid & Private Cloud
    • Hybrid Cloud Hosting
  • Management & Governance
    • Monitoring
    • Cloud Log Analytics
    • Sub Account
    • Web Service Monitoring System
    • Effective Log Search & Analytics
    • Network Traffic Monitoring
    • Cloud Activity Tracer
    • Tools
    • Resource Manager
    • Cloud Insight
    • Pinpoint Cloud
    • Cloud Advisor
    • Organization
    • API Workflow
    • Ncloud Single Sign-On
  • Media
    • Image Optimizer
    • Live Station
    • VOD Station
    • Media Connect Center
    • Video Player Enhancement

Predict expense

You can set usage options by service with the pricing calculator to expect the expense.
Please check the pricing information in advance before use.

You can set usage options by service with the pricing calculator to expect the expense. Please check the pricing information in advance before use.

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