Credit Use Information

Here are detailed regulations for using the credits provided by NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM.

1. Credits may only be used on designated products for the owner of the credit. You can check the information on applicable products in [My Page > Account Management > Credit and discount management] .
If a customer uses a non-applicable product or uses more than the available amount granted with the credit, a fee is charged for the applicable amount.
2. Credits may only be used within the validity period and cannot be carried over or refunded once it expires.
3. If a customer owns more than one credit, the credit is applied in the order of earliest expiration date. If the expiration dates are the same, the credit with the earlier date of provision is applied first.
4. For a customer with a discount from a promotion, applicable discounts are applied on the reduced amount after the credit is applied.
5. NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM has the rights to cancel the credit anytime and expired or canceled credits are not refunded.
6. If a customer has performed any violation of the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM terms and conditions, the credit granted by NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM may be withdrawn.
7. Customers may not sell the received credits in the form of cash or compensation. In such case, the credit is withdrawn and the customer may be liable for legal responsibilities.
8. Discount credits cannot be used when making payments for Marketplace products and products that offer other services, free usage, or trial period. Charges may apply when using non-applicable products.