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Data Teleporter

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Optimized Solution for Mass Data Migration

This dedicated appliance with 100TB storage capacity
helps you to safely transfer mass data without the complexity or expensive costs.

Fast Mass Data Transfer
On a fast broadband speed of 100 Mbps, the transfer of 100 TB of data takes over 100 days. However, you only need less than a day with two dedicated appliances from the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM.
Cut Traffic Costs for Lower Migration Costs
Transferring 50 TB of data over the Internet will amount to millions of KRW in traffic costs. With the Data Teleporter, you can cut these traffic costs and transfer mass data at lower costs.
Safer Data Security
Data migration over the public Internet is subject to potential hacking or security issues. But with this dedicated appliance, you can eliminate these risks in advance.
Compatibility with Various Network Interfaces and Services
Network interfaces, such as SFP+ and QSFP are supported, and you can transfer data to NAS, Object Storage, and Archive Storage provided by NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM.
Process for using the Data Teleporter (Import)

※ The appliance usage fee is calculated from the day after you receive the appliance until the requested return date to the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM (including weekends).

※ Application pickup is the standard for this service but we can deliver it to you upon request. We are not liable for any loss or damage to a shipment.

※ Any appliances not returned to the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM within 90 days of rental will be considered lost and may be subject to additional charges for the loss.

※ After sending the appliance to the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM, the data migration needs to be completed with the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM within 5 days and the appliance must be returned.

※ The actual data migration is performed directly by the customer.

Detailed Features

Fast and Convenient Data Transfer

Standard transfer protocols such as NFS, SAMBA, and FTP are supported, and various Ethernet speeds, such as 1 GB, 10 GB, and 40 GB, are supported for each universal port. Easy transfer migration is possible in any network environment.

Encryption of Storage Space

Data Teleporter uses a 256-bit encryption with the encryption key you request. The encryption key is not stored anywhere. Also the storage space of the encrypted Data Teleporter is only accessible using this encryption key. This means that no one except you can access the encrypted data in the Data Teleporter.

Secure Data Removal

Once you mutually confirm with the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM that your data has been successfully migrated, the Data Teleporter completes the migration process and deletes the encryption key and initializes the storage. Consequently, you will have zero worries about data leakage, even if the Data Teleporter is reused.

Pricing Information

Safely transfer 100TB mass data with a dedicated appliance. Additional technical support for data migration from a professional engineer is available upon request.

Data-Teleporter 요금 표
TypeUsage Fee (KRW)
Base rental fee for the appliance 260,000 KRW
(For 10-day use)
Extra usage
(Rental fee per day applies after the base fee of 10 days)
16,000 KRW/day
Extra technical support
(Including appliance delivery)
400,000 KRW
(서울, 경기 지역 1일 내에 작업 완료 시 기준)
  • The outbound traffic fee from the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM will be charged separately.
  • Appliances not returned to NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM within 90 days after renting will be considered as lost and the fee for loss may apply.
  • Appliance usage fee will be calculated from the day after receiving the appliance until the date of requesting return to NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM (including weekends).
  • For example, if you used the appliance for 13 days from the day after receiving the appliance and sent 50 TB of data, the total fee is 308,000 KRW (260,000 KRW + 16,000 KRW * 3 days).
  • 기술 지원 서비스를 사용할 경우에는 다음 내용을 참고하시기 바랍니다.
    - 기술 지원 서비스 요금 400,000원은 Data Teleporter를 1회 대여하여 10일 간 데이터를 1회 옮기는 경우의 요금이며 기타 환경적인 변수(IDC 위치, 고객사 대기)로 인해 서울, 경기 이외의 지역에서 작업한다거나 익일 지원해야 할 경우 추가 비용에 대해 별도 협의 필요합니다.

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