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Cloud Connect

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Easy Connection of On-Premise Environment and Cloud

You can simplify the data transfer process between your on-premise environment and NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM with enhanced protection and faster speed. You can also enjoy the scalability and the economic viability of a public cloud due to high handling volume and low latency- giving you the experience of having an enhanced data center.

Fast and Stable Private Connection
Use Cloud Connect for a private connection between the on-premise environment and NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM. The connection is stable as it does not rely on an internet connection and has low latency.
Cloud Storage, Backup, and Recovery
Cloud Connect provides a fast and stable connection so you are able to flexibly deal with scenarios like disaster recovery or other high availability strategies.
Data Center Expansion
You can also enjoy the scalability and the economic viability of the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM service due to the high handling volume and low latency- giving you the experience of having an enhanced data center.
Consistent Network Performance
Unlike internet environments that have difficulty with ensuring network quality, Cloud Connect, which utilizes a dedicated connection, provides an even more consistent performance through the data and the data routing method.

Detailed Features

Line Speed of Your Needs

It supports fast line speed such as 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps. You can also configure various types of connections to suit your purposes as we also support low speed lines for financial services, payments, and in-house systems.

High Availability Configuration

Since Cloud Connect of NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM has architecture that makes high availability configuration possible, you can improve the stability of Naver Cloud service and the on-premise environment.

Various Hybrid Services

You can easily connect with the HPC systems of NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM and bare-metal servers. You can also easily and stably configure the connection with private clouds in addition to the on-premise environment since it is possible to connect with VMware Cloud and Naver IDC.

Excellent Security

NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM is a public cloud platform that has received many security certifications. It provides the same security standard as a data center if this is connected via a dedicated line and not through the internet.

Convenient Service

NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM provides a guide on connecting and building dedicated lines for even better customer satisfaction. So it is possible for you to connect on-premise environment and NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM fast and easy even without specialized knowledge on cloud.

Pricing Information

  • You can pay only for the amount of use as there is no minimum charge.
  • The Cloud Connect usage fee is comprised of the port usage fee and data transfer fee.
  • Currently, this service is available only in the Korea region.
  • Port Usage Fee

    Fees are charged monthly according to the used port speed per port type.

    (Excluding VAT)
    Port SpeedFee (Monthly)
    50M23,700 KRW
    100M47,500 KRW
    200M95,000 KRW
    300M128,700 KRW
    400M171,600 KRW
    500M213,400 KRW
    1G237,600 KRW
    2G429,000 KRW
    5G1,318,900 KRW
    10G1,782,000 KRW

    Data Transfer Fee

    As a data transmission fee via Cloud Connect, fees are charged based on gigabytes.

    (Excluding VAT)
    LocationData Source Region (Per GB)
    USGermanySingaporeHong KongJapanKorea

    * Receiving data is free of charge.

    * Sending data between regions or within a region is subject to separate charges. For more information, see [Network Fee Guide].

    Separate costs apply to Cross Connect to connect with Cloud Connect, dedicated line costs of carriers, and installation costs. For more information about the fees, contact us through the [Make an Inquiry] menu of the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM.

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