For Platform 2.0 Only

Kubernetes Service

빠르고 간편하게 Kubernetes 컨테이너를 배포하고 관리할 수 있는 관리형 서비스입니다.

Fast and Convenient Kubernetes Container Orchestration Service

Manage Kubernetes cluster operations effectively and dynamically control the infrastructure scale used in an application program. You can identify the operating conditions of a Kubernetes environment managed through management statistics and monitoring.

Easy Distribution and Management of Kubernetes
Scale out your applications through fast provisioning of worker nodes after providing a safe communication between worker nodes and managed control areas. On-demand upgrades and patches are provided.
Compatibility with the Standard Kubernetes Environment
As the service complies with the standard Kubernetes environment, applications managed by the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM are compatible with any managed under a standard Kubernetes environment. 

Detailed Features

Kubernetes Cluster Management

Kubernetes Service provides an environment for customers to concentrate on building applications. It can reduce the time to build, operate, and maintain clusters by minimizing repetitive setup operations because the Kubernetes cluster is set up from the beginning.



"Kubernetes Service" uses Kubernetes, an open source for container deployment automation, scaling, and managing containerized applications.

Pricing Information

Kubernetes Service Price

Provides a time-based plan to keep the container flexible depending on the situation from when the cluster starts to when it ends.

ClassificationUsage Fee (hours)
Cluster200 KRW / Hour
Worker Node
You will be charged on a hourly basis according
to the specifications of the generated worker node.
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  • The Worker Node in the cluster can use the server on an hourly basis.

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