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Container Registry Update

도커 컨테이너(Docker Container) 이미지를 손쉽게 저장, 관리 및 배포할 수 있습니다.

Store and Manage Container Images Easily to Simplify Container Development

Store and manage your container images to deploy to the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM easily from the private docker registry.

Easy Service Production
Use the Container Registry by easily integrating with the server products and docker command line interface (CLI) of the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM. You can easily send the Docker Container images to Container Registry using docker CLI and directly import images from the server for production deployment. This allows you to simplify the flow of development and service deployment.
Store Container Images in Cloud
If you store the private Docker Container images into the Container Registry of the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM, you can reduce network latency and effectively manage the cost of transmission and receipt. You can also connect to the Object Storage for safe and easy management of images.
Container Registry Management
Push and pull permission control is possible on the Container Registry per account.
- Push (Send Docker Container images to the Container Registry)
- Pull (Distribute Send Docker Container image to the target server)
You can create permission management and access control policies for the Docker Container images from the console.
Familiar Open-Source Docker CLI Tool
Container Registry is compatible with Docker Registry V2 which is an open source. There is no need to learn the new APIs or commands, so you can use the Container Registry in a familiar environment.

Detailed Features

The Docker Container Registry is provided to let you easily store, manage, and distribute Docker Container images.

Docker Container Image Management

The Container Registry can be easily integrated with the server products of the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM for use. Use the namespace to define the registry (registry or image repository) of the Container Registry. You can view the Docker Container image list and manage metadata using the Container Registry dashboard. You can also easily delete unnecessary images from the dashboard.

Docker Support

Container Registry supports Docker Registry HTTP API V2.
Use the Docker CLI command (e.g., push, pull, list, or tag) to easily link to the Container Registry of the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM.

Collaboration and Access Control

Because the users can set up the API tasks (Change, View) that can be performed on the Docker Container Registry, the repository can be easily shared with other users.
You can also control and monitor permissions using subaccounts. Specify different permissions on each user and role (e.g., push, pull, or all administrator access) to refine the policy.

Pricing Information

In the Container Registry service, the fee for registry management is free of charge.

Service ClassificationPricing
  • Up to 30 registries can be created per account.
  • The private Docker Container images are linked to the Object Storage and saved. Therefore fees will be charged separately depending on the amount of saved data, no. of API requests, and the amount of network transfer.

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