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Effective Log Search & Analytics

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Provides a Service that Allows You to Save and Analyze
Application Logs Easily

You can save and manage the history of all applications logs from your service using the SDKs and APIs provided by Effective Log Search & Analytics. You can operate your service more efficiently by checking real-time logs via the Dashboard and viewing log trends over a certain period.

Simple Project Registration and Management
You can save and manage application log data more easily by creating a project and entering metadata. You can even test a log transfer after entering information required for each step to check for potential issues before application to the service.
Intuitive Dashboard
Information on all logs is provided via Dashboard. You can check the status of logs occurring in real-time and search for a specific log faster and easier, to help you identify root causes of errors or issues that occurred in the service.
Mobile Crash Log Analysis Feature
This feature allows you to save and analyze app crash information sent using the Effective Log Search & Analytics Mobile SDK. You can view information about projects where app crashes occur and log trends in real-time. You can search for logs more quickly and easily and check details using the Filter.
Other Additional Features
(scheduled to be added)
We are planning to add a feature with which the user can configure log-related keywords and other settings to receive a notification when an issue occurs. We are planning to sync the Effective Log Search & Analytics Open API with the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM service to help you use a larger amount of log data more easily.

Detailed Features

Provided Services

List of Provided Services
Effective Log Search & AnalyticsConsoleDashboard (Home)You can check application log data in real-time and also look up a log history using the Search feature. We are planning to add more widget dashboards through continuous updates.
Project ManagementProvides a feature that you can use to create and manage projects easily.
Log SearchYou can look up and analyze a log history using the Search feature. You can check a history of logs that occurred by period (daily/weekly/monthly, etc.) and search for desired log data conveniently by entering a keyword manually or using the Filter.
Mobile Crash Log SearchYou can save and analyze app crash logs. You can perform comparative analysis of registered projects and check details of crash logs efficiently using the Filter. A report chart where you can easily identify trends in crash logs is also provided.
Effective Log Search & Analytics APILog APIThis provides a detailed introduction about the Log Transfer API. You can enter the actual transfer data and save logs using the API's features. We are planning to extend the features of the API gradually.

Integrated Dashboard

From the Dashboard found on the Home menu, you can check newly-registered projects and a history of logs that have been recently transferred. We will add more features to the Dashboard Widget through continuous updates and sync data that you will find useful when you operate your service.

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Log Search Dashboard

You can check all application logs that occur in your service. You may look up a history of logs that occurred during a specific period or manually enter a log that you wish you to search for. Several filtering options are provided for quick and easy searches. You can also download a log search result as a file.

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Project Registration and Management

A UI is provided where the user can create a project easily and register information required to send and save applications logs in a simple way. From this, you can manage and view logs that occur in your service more efficiently.

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Mobile Crash Log Search

A dashboard is created where you can view the status of app crash logs among the application logs transferred via the SDK and API, of which have occurred in mobile devices. You can look up desired log results easily using the keyword search or the Filter.

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Additional Features Scheduled for Release

To meet various demands of our customers, we will add the following relevant features continuously:

  • Log notification delivery feature
  • A feature to set a log storage period per project

Effective Log Search & Analytics fee is charged by combining the log usage and API Call fee.

Service Usage Fee

Charge (Monthly)UnitBilling Amount (KRW/Unit)
Log UsageProvided as default (Less than 1GB)0 KRW
Capacity (Per 1GB)800 KRW
Total Number of API CallsProvided as default (1,000,000 calls)0 KRW
API Call0.01 KRW/call
  • Example
    Case 1) If you store 10GB worth of application logs for 20 days and then store 20GB for the remaining 10 days of the month, the monthly average amount of data stored (GB-month) is as follows: (Usage is calculated on an hourly basis, for 30 days in a month)
    - Monthly average amount of data stored = [10GB x (20 days x 24 hours) + 20GB x (10 days x 24 hours)]/720 hours = 13.3 GB-month
    - Aggregated monthly storage fee = 13.3GB-month x 800 KRW = 10,640 KRW
    - We're planning to provide API to allow Effective Log Search & Analytics log use in the future and usage fee is calculated based on the accumulated number of monthly of API calls.

※ Data is stored for 30 days. Data stored over 30 days will be deleted automatically and no additional notification will be given in advance.

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