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Cloud Log Analytics

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Effective Management of Various Logs Generated from the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM

Save various logs from diverse NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM services that includes the server service, for easy analysis. (Currently, you can collect logs generated within the user-created servers, Cloud DB, App Safer, Secure Zone Firewall, and Image Optimizer. This feature is scheduled to be extended to enable collecting logs from all services.) Various search functions allow easy access to data and analysis of logs of different types for effective log management.

Easy and Convenient Viewing of Logs
Store and view logs in one place that are created while using the cloud service. It adds convenience, as you do not have to connect separately to multiple servers or check each service individually. You can view the collected logs easily and conveniently through a web-based console.
Real-time Large Volume Log Collection and Search
All log files created as a text format are collected and stored in real time within cloud services, such as the server. We provide various search features on the collected logs from various servers and services, such as a time period searches or keyword searches. Effectively manage and analyze vast amount of logs created in the cloud environment.
Also, the log search results of CLA can be exported to Object Storage. You can save in your existing Object Storage or creating a new one.
Various Features for Log Management and Analysis (Scheduled)
We are planning to add various features for log management and analysis, such as real-time notification based on keyword searches, user-defined dashboards, and RESTful APIs, through continuous updates. Currently, all logs generated within the server are collected. However, we're planning to extend the log collection for NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM services.

Detailed Features

Main Provided Features

Cloud Log AnalyticsConsoleLog Collection SettingsAll settings for collecting logs can be adjusted via the web console.
Installing and Running the Agent If you run the script based on the configured information on the web console, the agent is installed and executed conveniently, so that you can collect data immediately.
Save and Searching data 1GB of data is collected and saved free of charge for 1 week by default. With a paid membership, you can conduct real-time views of the data collected in the past month (maximum of 100GB) using various search methods.
Downloading Data Data, if necessary, can be downloaded directly from dashboard in excel or other formats. In addition, CLA log search results can be brought to Object Storage. If you select one from the existing Object Storage or create a new one, you can use it as a storage.
Dashboard On the dashboard, you can check different types of data in real-time.
-Total/daily log occurrences
-Log status in the last 1 minute
-Current data storage capacity
-Capacity used per data type
-Status of logs per server


On the dashboard you have a total overview of the data being collected.

Searching Data

Easily find the data you want with various search functions.

Pricing Information

Service Usage Fee

※ The CLA fee is charged by combining the log storage fee and API call fee.

Billing Basis (Monthly)UnitBilling Amount (KRW/Unit)
Combined Log UsageProvided as default (1GB or less)0 KRW
Capacity (Per 1GB)800 KRW

Pricing Example

Case 1) If you store 10GB worth of application logs for 20 days, then store 20GB for the remaining 10 days of the month, the monthly average amount of data stored (GB/month) is as follows:
(Usage is calculated on an hourly basis, for 30 days in a month)
- Monthly average log usage = [10GB x (20 days x 24 hours) + 20GB x (10 days x 24 hours)]/720 hours = 13.3 GB/month
- Monthly log storage fee = [13.3GB (monthly average log usage) – 1GB (provided for free)] * KRW 800 = KRW 9,840

  • The data storage period is 30 days. After 30 days, the data is automatically deleted without prior notice.
  • API calls are used when you use the public API of CLA from external services. Currently, it is free of charge.

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