Global Mobile Gaming

This is an architecture for mobile games or small/medium scale session type game services under a global environment

About Architecture

This is an architecture for mobile games or small/medium scale session type game services under a global environment. Users can connect to the game service from anywhere in the world, and the seamless connection is important. To achieve this, the products for the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM's global service can be used. If you connect to the Web Proxy Server installed in the region closest to the user’s location through Global Route Manager, a more stable and reliable connection is guaranteed due to being connected with the game server through a dedicated line connected between regions. Even large game contents can be downloaded quickly using the Global CDN servers placed at the main points of presence throughout the world. Since such architecture strategy does not require the installation of the full architecture of the game service in all foreign regions, very efficient operation is possible in terms of the cost and management aspects.


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Use Cases and Effect

Possibility of Unconstrained Extension
Login, lobby, game match and logic servers necessary for game operation, and additional ranking, cache, distribution, and monitoring servers, may be configured for mobile session type games. Each component performs independent functions, and it is important to configure them to scale-out automatically according to the player's situation by designing them in a scalable form.
Real-Time Gaming Using Global Network
If the latency for global users must be considered due to the increase of people connecting to the game service, you can place the web proxy server in a region close to the region of the user location to have users connect to this proxy server using the GRM service. Since dedicated lines are connected between regions, more stable connection is possible without network loss.
Global CDN
Since GCDN is placed through distribution in about 120 countries, it is stable and fast as contents are transferred through a server nearest to the users. Because the CDN service allows http/https communications only, you can gain security benefits from being able to block the attacks like TCP flooding, ICMP or DDoS. The caching feature on the static contents enable stable service operation by balancing the web server load.
Convenient and Reasonable Method for Game Content Management
If you manage game contents in Object Storage, you can easily save data from web-based consoles, or connect to the Object Storage directly from the server via Restful API to store or access data. Also, easy linkage is possible if you save the origin source of the CDN to Object Storage. You can also gain positive results in terms of costs because the data transfer between CDN and Object Storage is free of charge.