Multi-zone configuration with availability secured New

Configuration of an environment that can ensure service continuity even in the event of zone failure through multi-zone configuration

About Architecture

Securing service continuity is very important. However, it takes a lot of time and expense to allow the service to be operated even in the event of a data center network failure. NAVER Cloud Platform guarantees availability even in the event of a network failure by providing an environment where you can easily configure multi-zone. For multi-zone configuration, Load Balancer and Server can be placed in each zone. Even if there's a network failure in one zone, the service can continue in another zone.


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Use Cases and Effect

Flexible response to network failures
Multi-zone configuration allows you to respond to network failures flexibly. Even if a network failure occurs in one zone, the service can be continued in another zone. Multi-zone configuration can greatly increase service reliability.
Easy multi-zone configuration
Load Balancer and managed database support multi-zone. You can easily create multi-zone resources with a few clicks.