Game Hosting on Bare Metal Server

Implementation of large scale game service using high performance bare metal server

About Architecture

In order to provide a satisfactory gameplay environment and seamless user experience when operating a large-scale gaming service, it is important to configure an infrastructure environment that is capable of providing high performance IT resources and quick handling of massive inputs and outputs. NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM’s bare metal server is a product that provides high-performance physical servers that can be conveniently created and managed in a cloud environment. By providing independent physical servers, you can conduct operations without the resource interference with other cloud users, this product provides the best environment for sensitive services, such as large-scale MMORPGs. With the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM console, you can conveniently create and manage high-performance servers proven by the NAVER Cloud over the last 10 years of successful service. You can also take advantage of other cloud products provided by NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM by conveniently linking them with your service.


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Use Cases and Effect

Operate high-performance physical servers independently without resource interference
Bare Metal Server is a service providing independent physical servers without a virtualized environment. Because you will be operating dedicated servers without sharing them with other customers, you can have complete control of your performance-sensitive services.
Provides Optimal Environment for MMORPG Services
In server-based MMORPG services, server performance and network throughput are critical. Not only does the bare metal server provide various server specifications, including the latest generation of high-clock-speed CPUs, but it also provides 10 Gbps of network bandwidth and high-performance NVMe/SSD storage options, allowing you to handle any workloads that require high performance when you are providing large-scale MMORPGs, HPC, or simulation services.
Linkage to Various Cloud Services
Although the bare metal server provides independent physical servers, it can also be used to host a cloud service. Therefore, operation of variable infrastructure is possible by adjusting to the growth of your game service and the increase in traffic. You can use the managed services for game data analysis, monitoring, and security by directly linking your servers with the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM products the same way other regular cloud servers can.
Game Service Expansion for Global Users
You can instantly create bare metal servers in global regions, including the United States, Germany, Singapore, and Japan, to expand your services. Stable latency and wide bandwidth are guaranteed through dedicated high-speed connections to help you implement game services for users abroad.
High Availability Configuration via VIP
If you need a high availability configuration to prepare for emergency situations, such as database failures, you can implement such configurations utilizing the VRRP-based failover solution. A private subnet is used to add VIPs to the database server in addition to unique IP. Utilizing the VRRP-based solution, you can monitor the master node for normal operation and configure your system to respond to failures by having the backup node take over the VIP and proceed with the failover if the master node fails.