Serverless Web Application

Serverless Web Application

About Architecture

Serverless means an environment for building and executing applications and services without managing a server. NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM's Cloud Function executes stateless codes as a fully managed service. This service is mostly used as a scheduler to handle periodic jobs; it is linked with various cloud products, such as object storage, or it is used to handle data input and update the cloud DB tables. The API Gateway is the key component necessary to define a microservice. By working as the single contact point, it prevents endpoints from being exposed. Serverless computing allows you to concentrate on application development without the burden of managing a server, and it is cost effective because computing resources are consumed only upon requests. Such features make serverless computing more suited for specific services such as micro service architecture.


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Use Cases and Effect

No Burden of Server Management
Provisioning or managing of servers is not required. You can simply register the codes you have written as actions to execute it on the Cloud Functions.
Faster Development
Expedite your development speed and focus on developing the business logic without worrying about operating a server and distributing your apps to it. Any modifications to the action codes will be instantly applied.
On-demand Execution
There is no need to worry about scaling out your servers. The same number of code executions as the number of requests is guaranteed at all times. This helps reduce your code execution costs because code executions are performed only upon request.
Various Operating Methods
Link with the Cloud Functions to create a wide range of services. You can build a serverless backend to process various types of API requests, such as those used by mobile, web, and IoT applications. Such serverless backends will be made available soon for linkage with other NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM services.
Endpoint Management Utilizing an API Gateway
ilizing an API Gateway, you can post and flexibly manage the APIs used in your applications. Requests are sent to a specific web server, or you can flexibly connect with the other NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM products, such as Cloud Functions, through the API Gateway.
Easy Management and Monitoring of APIs
You can conveniently perform all operations related to API calls through the API Gateway. Various management features for reliable execution of APIs and a dashboard to check the real-time status of APIs are provided. Also, stable and efficient service management is possible, as you can control the traffic flowing into the backend service by adjusting the throttling and caching features of the API Gateway.