Microservices with NKS

Container-based Microservice Architecture with Ncloud Kubernetes Service

About Architecture

As an architecture and an approach for building software, microservice is a method to split an application into its minimum independent components. Instead of the conventional monolithic approach to build all components in one application, microservice completes the same tasks in a state where all components are combined independently and flexibly. Kubernetes supports fast development as a Defactor standard platform for container management. It can easily convert and optimize existing applications, and also run microservices from the container. NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM uses the Kubernetes service to provide an environment for ideal distribution and independent execution of the microservice units under a container-based environment. Not only does it provide unlimited scalability of the cloud and easy control features through the console, but it also allows simple orchestration of its services like storage, networking or security.


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Use Cases and Effect

Easy, Simple Distribution and Management of Kubernetes
Scale out your applications through fast provisioning of worker nodes after providing a safe communication between worker nodes and managed control areas. On-demand upgrades and patches are provided.
Compatibility with the Standard Kubernetes Environment
As the service complies with the standard Kubernetes environment, applications managed by the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM are compatible with any of those that are managed under a standard Kubernetes environment.
Easy Distribution
You can build a container-based DevOps pipeline to secure the CI/CD environment.
Convenient Container Management Feature
Since features like broker, security or status monitoring are provided for container Runtime, Orchestration, Job Scheduling, Resource, and CI/CD pipeline, the customer can concentrate on the actual service by just managing the worker node and service.
High Availability and Self Recovery
If you create clusters using the Kubernetes service, you can build a service with high availability because the container replicates and restarts automatically by minimizing the service interruption with multiple infrastructure configuration and by detecting its problems.
Linkage With Cloud Products
It can easily connect with the Cloud products to easily expand the container-based services. It can easily connect with LoadBalancer, NAS, Cloud Log Analytics products for opening the service and for storage logging.