IoT with AI Speaker

IoT control system using artificial intelligent speaker

About Architecture

The Internet of Things (IoT) must offer a flexible and extensible infrastructure in order to provide a stable service at all times, even though it handles large-scale data collected from all devices in real time. In addition, while a reliable connection must be maintained with devices under various environments, the cloud computing environment where services must be operated with relatively many users could be considered as already being equipped with a stable network environment for connecting with such devices. Also, it can generate instant feedback based on the data analyzed in real-time since it is possible to easily build the big data platform for collecting and handling the real-time data streaming occurred from the device. And it can even build an automated system to control IoT devices in real-time based on such feedback. It is possible to apply the mass data accumulated continuously on the intelligent services by storing and analyzing it in the infinitely extendible storage of the cloud. Therefore, building various IoT platforms via the cloud environment could be called the most reasonable choice.


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Use Cases and Effect

Prompt and Flexible Infrastructure Creation for IoT
With the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM, you can establish the infrastructure within several minutes when you need it without having to plan separate infrastructure for the IoT system. Unpredictable user transactions can be flexibly and cost-effectively handled at all times through automatic extension and reduction with the Auto-Scaling feature.
Platform for IoT Big Data Analysis and Machine Learning
To effectively analyze the big data generated through the IoT service, an analysis service for fast and easy handling of big data is required. Using the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM, you can easily make use of the analysis service and handle increasing data volumes. You can analyze data with machine learning and even create an analysis environment through a web-based console within minutes to prepare for future trends. In addition, you can link the results predicted by machine learning with IoT to use the information for smart device control.
Reasonable Cost
One of the key advantages of cloud is that effective cost management is possible. The infrastructure of the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM is designed for optimal cost effectiveness for your business and you can manage your operational costs by paying based on your usage amount.
Providing Reliable and Flexible Services for Changing Demands
Server load is reduced by dispersing service traffic and reliable service is provided by automatically bypassing a server experiencing a failure and switching to a normally operating server. You can ensure continuity of service and reduce costs by scaling up or down in response to changing demands.