DR Center (Hot/Warm Site)

Use the cloud as a disaster recovery hot or warm site

About Architecture

Disaster recovery means to secure the continuity of your business and service by providing replacement and recovery services in the event of IT infrastructure failures caused by natural disasters, such as earthquakes or fires, or other calamities, such as terrorism, hacking, or cyberattacks. Unlike other existing DR solutions, which are greatly expensive, with the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM, you can prepare against disasters at an affordable cost. The server configuration needed for the services of normal times are configured in cloud as a form which is the same as a company's data center, and you can operate the database as an Active-Stand-by of the replicating type through mirroring. And you can maintain the continuity of business as much as possible by running the server and the application in the cloud the moment you recognize that the service of the company data center is stopped due to a disaster or a serious accident.


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Use Cases and Effect

Easy Backup and Recovery
The NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM supports various types of OS platforms and databases that are not dependent on the IT infrastructure for the existing physical infrastructure, virtual infrastructures, heterogeneous clouds, applications, or databases used within an enterprise. We also provide standardized and integrated availability management tools, automatic recovery structures, and recovery systems to enable fast and easy backup and recovery of cloud.
Start on a Small-Scale at a Reasonable Cost
In case you have to start with huge investment and risks when building a DR for the first time at the company, you can establish a cloud DR solution on a small-scale at a reasonable cost. Our cloud solution also allows you to perform efficiently by doing things such as reducing the time used for the implementation process. You can also reduce the costs related to facility operation, such as having a DR center. And the cost is more manageable and flexible for times your service is functioning well without experiencing disasters.
Select According to Workload
Although a public cloud provides various products and features, it cannot satisfy all cases. Workloads with a known optimum configuration can select a private cloud or a legacy system and workloads with an unpredictable capacity can select a public cloud so that the selection of infrastructure according to workload type is possible.
Experience the Advantages of Cloud and Acquire Technology Naturally
When an organization which already owns the on-premise technology and system tries to transform into a cloud environment, sequential and gradual transfer is possible by operating a hybrid architecture. With hybrid connection, you can extend the features and the performance of the legacy system as you experience the native cloud technology using cutting edge features like unrestricted server resources, infinitely scalable storage, various applications, and AI.