Data Backup and Archiving

Backup and disaster recovery solution with hybrid cloud

About Architecture

Hybrid cloud backup means a process which operates local backup and external replication backup at the same time. Compared to the existing method of backing up data only in the local area, you can use unlimited storage space in a cloud environment, and fast recovery is possible by easily accessing through the internet or through a dedicated line when recovery is needed. This can also become an ideal solution even in case it is required to comply with the archiving regulations of a specific industry. It is possible to help you comply with the regulations and the standards along with the recovery plan using the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM's archiving storage developed to comply with various types of business purposes. Compared to the method of backing up for several days using tape in the past, you can get cost efficiency and stability at the same time if you back up your important data to cloud. You can also prepare a Cold DR environment along with data in the cloud environment to quickly recover data from the sudden system interruption and operate the system in a disaster.


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Use Cases and Effect

Utilization as a Solution for Backup and Recovery
To prepare for cases of disaster, accident or sudden system interruption, it is ideal to store the information on the server and the system settings at the same time in addition to the backup of data into an external storage, such as cloud. Also, if a cold disaster recovery (DR) environment is configured using the My Server Image, it is very effective for maintaining business continuity by minimizing the time it takes to operate the server and start the application.
Unlimited Storage Space
The shortage of storage occurs from time to time due to not being able to handle the amount of increasing backup data in a local environment. But since the storage space is almost unlimited in a cloud environment, you can use it without worrying about the capacity. Also, effective operation is possible in the cost aspect since you can select the storage according to the life cycle of data. You can use it very flexibly because all data can be accessed when they are needed regardless of the data storage period.
Compliance For Each Industry Type
There are cases of having to satisfy special regulations or standards according to the industry type. To prepare for compliance requirements related to health care, finance, and accounting, the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM has acquired various domestic and foreign certifications to help you follow these regulatory requirements. It also provides an environment to respond to the changing compliances because the supplementation on IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS products of the cloud takes place at the same time in pace with the continuously changing laws and regulations.
Securing Convenience, Diversity, and Economic Feasibility
The NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM's Object Storage and Archive Storage enable bucket management and file management through an easy-to-use web console. And since you can control all features through the API, you can easily manage through the desired interface. It is also convenient because you can use the existing experience of using the API and its features without changes by supporting both S3 API and partial Swift API.
Induces a Natural Change to Native Cloud
It takes time to migrate the currently operating IT system to the cloud. If too much change is required to gain the advantages of public cloud, this may act as an obstacle for introducing cloud technology. As you experience Naver Cloud technology starting with using the hybrid type data backup solution, you can transfer things to cloud naturally by minimizing the changes to the existing IT system implemented on the On-Premise.