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As a total marketing solution, LOGGER supports multidimensional performance measurement and data management and analyzes data for creating advertisements and marketing strategies. Universal tracking, such as visitor inflow channel, conversion tracking, surfing pattern, or keyword analysis is possible as a web analysis tool in ASP service. Data is provided in a report screen with a collection of performance and conversion statistics for each external medium. It is a total marketing solution for identifying customer needs through product analysis, content analysis, member analysis, and internal keywords on the website.

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Main Features

Search Advertising Management

It is possible to monitor performance by each advertising medium and keyword. You can also identify the conversion of currently used keyword.

Anti Click Fraud

Information of IPs suspected of click fraud are provided when executing search advertising so you can automatically block any click fraud IPs within the Logger system.

Campaign Analysis

Results of external campaign are measured through the conversion data of each medium. It helps to establish mixed media and media execution plans. You can also perform comparisons and media evaluations through flexible gatherings of campaign results.

Visitor and Member Analysis

Appropriate targeting strategies for the website can be established using real-time visitor information, such as visiting path, IP, visiting date and time, number of visits, visiting interval, channel of inflow, and member analysis categories, such as gender, age, and ratio of visit/revisit.

Product and Content Analysis

Components inside the website are improved by considering the product characteristics and analyzing content conversion rates, such as products with high click rates but with a low purchase conversion factor. Your website is managed through steadily monitoring its products and contents.

Surfing Route Analysis

The visit paths and visited pages within the website are analyzed to identify interests of visitors by tracking behavior patterns and surfing routes of visitors. The results can be utilized on the navigation page for user convenience.

Main Features

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Page View (PV)/MonthBasicStandardBusinessCommerce
Applicable TargetStandard
Website Analysis
Website Analysis
DB Linked Content
Member Trait Analysis
Marketing ROI
E-Commerce Analysis
Less than 50,000 PV8,000 KRW20,000 KRW40,000 KRW60,000 KRW
50,001–100,000 PV18,000 KRW32,000 KRW55,000 KRW80,000 KRW
Over 100,000 PV10,000 KRW increase
every 100,000 PV
12,000 KRW increase
every 100,000 PV
15,000 KRW increase
every 100,000 PV
20,000 KRW increase
every 100,000 PV
Over 1,000,000 PVSeparate quotationSeparate quotationSeparate quotationSeparate quotation

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