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ADMONSTER provides a convenient operating and managing environment for keyword advertisements with a diverse method of automatic bidding.
It is a solution for automatic bidding API-based keyword advertisements, providing various bidding methods. It enables users to reach the target ranking within the bidding price set by the user and establishes strategies for main keywords, detailed keywords and more under the keyword budget to execute keyword advertising.

Product Details

Main Features

Quotation Based Bidding

It attempts the bidding based on the quotes on keyword rankings provided by the media company. Since the media company provides quotes in one hour units, the bidding interval is one hour. The bidding takes places with the budget for the target ranking, considering the individual needs, such as if the spending amount is more important than ranking.

Simulation Bidding

Bidding is attempted based on the pattern provided by ADMONSTER. The bidding is submitted with the bidding cost calculated according to the ratio of patterns selected at one hour intervals and ADMONSTER provides patterns created from user-behaviors. Keywords with known reasonable CPC prices or known price fluctuation patterns per intervals are used for the simulation.

Bidding by Click Ranking

Bidding is attempted based on the click ranking of tracking URL provided when you click CPC advertisements. The bidding interval is implemented within ten seconds after you click keyword advertisement and used for keywords with high advertisement efficiency, such as good conversion rate, sales, and click rate. The script must be tagged on the advertisement landing page.

Main Features

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Basic Package of ADMONSTER
No. of Keywords1,000 characters
Monthly Usage Fee50,000 KRW
RemarkAdjustment of the bidding method is possible.

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