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Site Safer

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Rapid Detection and Notification of Malware Distributed by Websites

Site Safer is a service that scans the user’s website for distribution of malicious programs, such as malicious code or ransomware.
It is easier and more convenient to inspect the distribution of malicious code on websites and behavior-based detection enables you to respond to various cases.

Malicious code distribution detection
Site Safer is a behavior-based service to detect malicious code distributed via websites. Whereas existing antivirus solutions are pattern-based, Site Safer inspects malicious programs from the user's point of view and conducts action-based inspections.
Proven Service
Site Safer is a long-standing and proven malware detection system from NAVER. It is used to prevent malicious code from being distributed by various websites, including NAVER.
Convenient functions and affordable price
Site Safer will regularly check the URL previously set By registering the URLs of the web page to be scanned and specifying the inspection date and time, the scan is performed automatically at the designated date and time and it is possible to monitor whether or not the malicious code is distributed periodically through the iteration setting. If any malicious code is detected, you will be notified with a detailed report via email and SMS. A wide variety of customers, from individuals to small businesses and large corporations, can enjoy convenient and affordable services.

Detailed Features

It’s easy to set up and check the results.

Table of Detailed Features
Scan resultsURL Scan ResultsYou can check the status of the URL test scan. You can view the URL, date, result of the scan, or search for the scan results in each time period.
Detection ResultsYou can check to see which websites have been found to contain malware. URLs that have been found to contain malware, along with the date and a detailed report will be provided. The detailed report describes a particular part of the web page that has an irregularity, as well as the guidelines for responding.
Scan settingsSettingsSetup WizardIt is useful when you newly create a group for scan. This is a program which allows you to sequentially set the scan URL, schedule, and object to be notified.
Scan URL SettingYou can add URL, which is to be scanned, to the current scan group. If you enter the main website URL, it will automatically scan sub URLs so that you can either collect or select them. In addition, you can add URL one by one, or file by file.
Scan Schedule SettingYou can set the current scan group’s schedule. Either one-time or repetitive scan is available. Multiple time settings are also possible. A single session requires you to select the date and time for a scan while multiple sessions allowing scans on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
※ Site Safer detection results will be provided no later than one day from the scan requested.
Notification SettingYou can choose the person to be notified when a scan is completed or malware distribution is detected. Notifications sent by email or SMS provide short information, that is customized for the type of transmission. For more information, please visit Site Safer to check the status of URL scans or malware detection.

NAVER Use Cases

NAVER Use Cases
Used ServiceScanned Target
NAVER NewsstandURL in news stories linked to NAVER Newsstand
NAVER News SearchURL in news stories found via NAVER News Search
NAVER ShoppingURL in posts from NAVER Shopping
NAVER AdsURL link from clicking a NAVER banner ad

Pricing Information

Site Safer fees are calculated based on the monthly cumulative sum of successfully diagnosed URLs and the total number of URLs that the customer has registered for scanning. (URLs that have failed to be scanned are not charged)
The unit price is tiered and based on successful monthly scans, so that 100 URLs or fewer is free of charge and 50 KRW per URL is charged for 100-30,000 URLs.
By implementing the crawling feature that automatically collects URLs for scanning and selecting the scanning cycle, you can predict the usage fees for your website more conveniently.

Service Usage Fee

ClassificationNumber of diagnosed URLs (Accumulated Monthly)Unit Price (URL)
Site Safer0–100 URLsFree
100–30,000 URLs50 KRW/URL
Over 30,000 URLs(Please make a separate inquiry)
  • Pricing Information
    • Case 1) Diagnosis of website which has 100 URLs to diagnose, every Sunday (4 times in a month): 100 (URLs) X 4 (scans) = 400 (scans) → 300 (scans) X 50 KRW = 15,000 KRW
    • Case 2) Daily diagnosis of website which has 100 URLS to diagnose (based on 30 days): 100 (URLs) X 30 (scans) = 3,000 (scans) → 2,900 (scans) X 50 KRW= 145,000 KRW
  • The SMS service that notifies the administrator of an event is currently free of charge. It will switch to a paid service in the future and advance notification will be provided before the switch.

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