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Global Internet Service

글로벌 전용 인터넷망을 통해 해외 사용자에게 고품질 서비스를 제공할 수 있습니다

 * 네이버 클라우드 플랫폼 서비스 정책상 Global Internet Service는 서비스 및 유지보수 지원을 중지할 계획입니다.
     - 현재 이용중인 서비스에는 문제가 없도록 유지할 계획이지만, 부가 기능 및 연동 상품 이용 개선에 대해서는 제약이 있을 수 있습니다.
  * 보다 고객가치를 제공할 수 있는 상품을 선보일 수 있도록 노력하겠습니다.

Provides a Fast and Stable Internet Environment to International Users

As a lot of customer services are actively entering into foreign markets, the quality of overseas connection to an IT infrastructure already implemented in Korea is important. With Global Internet Service, if you connect to the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM server in Korea, users can communicate through the NAVER network and to provide more stable service to overseas users. For more details, please contact Customer Support.

The Best Global Network Quality
When an overseas user connects to servers in Korea, they route through the nearest global POP. Users can experience the best quality through NBP's network with rich bandwidth.
Fast Response
As the service is established in Korea, NBP can provide faster customer support for domestic service issues than for other overseas regions.
Efficient Cost Management
Without establishing a separate global region infrastructure, you can enhance the network access quality for overseas. (All infrastructures except the lines will be provided on the same tariffs as Korea.)

Detailed Features

When overseas users use a service built in Korea, they may connect via public Internet lines. In this case, a consistent connection speed and safety may not be provided because of latency and short-term power outages. With Global Internet Service, international users can connect to a local network location through their public Internet and then connect to Korea through the NAVER Global Dedicated Internet network. Therefore, network quality can be kept consistent and the service can be provided in a stable manner.

Note Before Using the Service

  • The Global Internet Service is based on network architecture. Thus, before creating a server, load balancer, and public IP, you have to choose whether to use the Global Internet Service. You can communicate only with the selected service.
  • The Global Internet Service links the infrastructure in Korea to the NAVER Global Dedicated Internet Network, so it is limited to domestic customers.

Possible Uses

When stable overseas service quality is necessary, as international users are increasingly use a service being operated in Korea (E.g. Web service, e-commerce, and games)

Even if a game is fun and good quality, when the Internet is too slow or disconnects because of low Internet quality, the game cannot be enjoyed to the fullest. To improve the satisfaction of international gamers connecting to Korean games, a stable, dedicated network is required.

When a stable communication is required between international subsidiaries or branches and the headquarters in Korea (E.g. ERP, SCM)

As many Korean companies enter global markets, internal communication traffic is increasing between international regions.
However, the public Internet results in low-speed and instability, making it difficult to handle business smoothly.
Fast and accurate communication needs a high-quality dedicated network service to improve business efficiency.

For a service needing high connection quality from outside Korea, but where the cost to build a separate region is burdensome (E.g. startup service)

Even when the connection to services from outside Korea is increasing, it may be a burden to build a separate network in each site. In this case, a dedicated network service is necessary to improve overseas network quality with domestic infrastructure, so there is no need to build separate networks overseas.

Pricing Information

To help you operate your business flexibly in different situations, we offer a practical pricing model.

Network Fee
ClassificationNetworksUnitUsage LevelMeter Rate (monthly)
Inbound TrafficAllGBSame for all sectionsFree
Outbound Traffic Traffic through the Internet
(including traffic toward another region via public IP)
GBUnder 5TB500 KRW
5TB–10TB450 KRW
10TB–30TB400 KRW
Over 30TB350 KRW
Traffic within the same zone via a public IPGBSame for all sections10 KRW
Traffic between different zones via a private IPGBSame for all sections10 KRW
Traffic within the same zone via private IPGBSame for all sectionsFree

All fees, except the network fee, follow the price plan of this service.

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