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VOD Transcoder

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High Quality Low Cost Cloud Media File Conversion Service

Vod Transcoder is a cloud-based media conversion service which converts original media files into various image qualities for various devices such as mobile device or PC to make them watchable. It is able to promptly handle low cost, high quality video conversion tasks, and all functions can be easily used through the web-based console.

Fast and Easy Task Creation
It's simple to create and setup the image conversion tasks on the web console. Also, a default preset list that has gathered transcoding options used frequently in general is provided so you can quickly create tasks.
Effective Cost Management
Since you will be charged only by the length (time) of transcoded output videos and resolutions of transcoded content without a basic charge, it is easy to predict the cost and availability for reasonable spending. Also, since a free transcoding time for testing for each month is provided, you can use it without the burden of cost.
Supporting Various Codecs and Devices
Most input formats and codecs used in the market are supported to guarantee a high encoding success rate. You can also create high quality video output for all major devices through H.264/AAC output codec support.
Integrated Media Service Implementation
LIVE or VOD integrated service can be implemented by combining with Live Station for live broadcasts on the Internet and CDN that can handle high volume traffic.

Detailed Features

File-Based Cloud Video Transcoding

Video transcoding is a task of changing a video file format or converting images into various images that fit the multi-screen. Such a transcoding task requires relatively high-performance computing power. The higher the video quality and the more kinds of images to convert, means higher server resources are required. If you use VOD Transcoder, you can easily perform video conversion tasks under the cloud environment without having to build or operate expensive media transcoding infrastructure directly.

Easy Transcoding Preset

Vod Transcoder provides a basic preset list that has gathered options that are frequently used in general. You can easily create tasks just by selecting one from the preset list without having to set up complicated transcoding options.
The VOD Transcoder also provides a custom preset feature where you can select the options you need.

Thumbnail Images Extraction

You can extract high quality thumbnail images from the original media file as you are performing video transcoding tasks. You can save to a different file storage path from the transcoded output video file and easily utilize it for services by connecting with the CDN just by itself.

OPEN API Available

Users who are authorized to use VOD Transcoder can create a job using the HTTP API. For more details on work supported through the API, responses and errors, see the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM manual.

VOD Transcoder Feature

Live Transcoder Feature
Video CodecsH.264, VP9, VP8, MPEG-2, Animated GIFVideo CodecsH.264
Audio CodecsAAC, MP3, MP2, PCM, FLAC, VorbisAudio CodecsAAC
File size limitsNoneResolutionUp to 4K resolution
Thumbnail image10ea
Multiple output5ea (per job)

Pricing Information

(Excluding VAT)
Output media typeUsage Fee (KRW)
Audio only5 KRW / Minute
Less than 720p (SD)17 KRW / Minute
More than 720p (HD, FHD)34 KRW / Minute
More than 1080p (UHD)43 KRW / Minute
  • For your tests, five minutes per month will be provided free of charge for each output media type.
  • The VOD Transcoder fee will be calculated based on the monthly total transcoded time by each output media type.
  • Additional fees will be charged for linking Storage (File Storage or Object Storage) and the CDN. Please refer to the product rate plan for details.
  • The transcoded time will be calculated by rounding up to the nearest minute.

Pricing Example

Case 1) In case of using the free monthly usage for the first time.
Transcoding an aaa.mp4 file of 10 min 30 secs to SD, HD, and audio. (10 min 30 secs is calculated as 11 mins by rounding up to the nearest minute.)
→ [SD] 17 KRW x (11 mins - 5 mins) + [HD] 34 KRW x (11 mins - 5 mins) + [Audio] 5 KRW x (11 mins - 5 mins) => 336 KRW

Case 2) In case you have used up the free monthly usage.
Transcoding an aaa.mp4 file of 10 min 30 secs to SD, HD, and audio. (10 min 30 secs is calculated as 11 mins by rounding up to the nearest minute.)
→ [SD] 17 KRW x 11mins + [HD] 34 KRW x 11mins + [Audio] 5 KRW x 11mins => 616 KRW

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