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Live Transcoder

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Real-time conversion of online live video to various image qualities

Live Transcoder is a live video encoding platform that converts in real-time the live online video source sent from the customer's broadcasting equipment to various devices, such as mobile phones and computers, in various image qualities. With the Global Region service of the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM, live broadcasts can be sent anywhere in the world. In addition, you can link to the CDN service to provide a stable, live streaming service to worldwide users. All of these features are easily accessible through a web-based console.

Real-time Live Transcoding
To provide the best viewing experiences to online live viewers in various environments, the media should be available to provide the various qualities, from HD to LD, in real-time. Live Transcoder provides the real-time live transcoding feature that can convert one RTMP source video to the desired quality for a set time frame.
HLS Output
Live Transcoder converts RTMP video sources to HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) output video. HLS is a widely-used, de-facto standard streaming protocol. With HLS, videos can be played on various devices, including mobile and computer. HLS Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) automatically converts video quality based on the user's network status to provide more stable non-stop live service.
Convenient Use
All Live Transcoder features are available through web-based management tools of NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM and Open API. Live streaming service can be easily connected with customer's service without complicated setting, and it is convenient to manage settings and to apply functions. You can apply and manage all back-end functions that are required for the live streaming service through the console.
Efficient Cost Management
The Live Transcoder fee is calculated in proportion to transcoding time and the number of delivered videos during the month, allowing easy cost estimation and management.

Detailed Features

Real-time Transcoding

For stream playback on a variety of user device environments, Live Transcoder decodes the live-stream digital data of videos or audio and then encodes it again-process of transcoding. For smooth live streaming service, all transcoding tasks within Live Transcoder are performed in real-time in the following order:

  • 1. Read the compressed data of an audio or video file
  • 2. Decompress the compressed data
  • 3. Compresses the audio or video file with the desired codec
  • 4. Deliver the compressed data as a desired container format

Media transcoding requires relatively high-performance computing power. The higher the video quality and the more kinds of images to convert, means a higher server resources are required. If you use the Live Transcoder, you can perform real-time transcoding to the desired format without any worries about buying additional media solutions or complex server operation.

ABR Support

Live Transcoder supports Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) streaming. It checks the user's network status to deliver streams with higher or lower quality to offer flexible and efficient live services.

Thumbnail Image Extraction

Using the Live Transcoder, you can extract thumbnail images of an on-air live feed real-time by setting desired options (resolution and renewal interval). With these thumbnail images you can check the status of the on-air live-streams and use them for live services. Thumbnail images can be used to flexibility for users' live services.

Live Transcoder Feature

Live Transcoder Feature
FormatHLS (HTTP Live Streaming)
CodecsVideo: H.264CodecsVideo: H.264
Audio: AACAudio: AAC
BitrateUp to 10MbpsOutput bitrateUp to 4 transcoded streams
ResolutionUp to 1280x720 (HD 720p)
Stream ingestPush source streams directly to NBP cloudCDNCDN Provided
Input AuthenticationNone (Using random stream key)Output AuthenticationNone

Pricing Information

Live Transcoder pricing will be calculated according to the transcoding time on a monthly basis. Transcoding for 100 hours a month will cost you the price calculated based on the formula: 100 (Hour) x unit price. The time used is proportional to the number of output images. For example, if you broadcast for an hour with three different image quality, you are to pay for three-hour use.

Basic fee

This is the basic rate charged when using Live Transcoder.

Hourly-rate planTranscoded output stream
Less than 720p (SD)More than 720p (HD)PassthroughAudio only
Under 50hrs6,000 KRW12,000 KRW1,500 KRW1,500 KRW
50–100hrs5,000 KRW10,000 KRW1,250 KRW1,250 KRW
100–500hrs4,000 KRW8,000 KRW1,000 KRW1,000 KRW
Over 500hrs3,000 KRW6,000 KRW750 KRW750 KRW
  • Passthrough is a stream that converts to HLS maintaining the quality of the original file.
  • The usage time of the output stream is accumulated by the transmission time.
  • As the total usage time increases, the unit price automatically decreases. (Section Rate)
  • You cannot provide a smooth live streaming service with the sole use of the Live Transcoder. A link to the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM CDN is recommended at channel creation or on the Live Transcoder CDN Management tab.
  • No additional fee is charged for test transmission or monitoring.
  • The cost for saving the original recorded videos in File Storage or Object Storage will be charged separately as fees for each storage.
  • Please be advised that a channel, which has been unused (without video input) over the last 30 days, will be automatically terminated.​
CDN Usage Fee

When CDN is set when the Live Transcoder channel is created, a link to the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM CDN is made automatically and the CDN usage fee is charged separately to the Live Transcoder usage fee.

CDN Usage Fee
ClassificationBilling UnitsUsage LevelMeter-rate system
Monthly transmission feeGB0–10TB100 KRW
10TB–100TB90 KRW
100TB–500TB80 KRW
Over 500TB70 KRW
Monthly request fee10,000 requests-10 KRW
  • Service fee = Monthly transfer fee + Monthly request fee
    • - Monthly transfer fee = Sum of total CDN transfer amount fees for the month
    • - Monthly request fee = The number of total CDN requests for the month
  • Service charge example: CDN cost for when 200 users watch the broadcast for 1hr 30mins with 720p picture quality
    • - Data usage for watching 1hr 30mins with 720p picture quality: (Video Bitrate x time (s) / 8) = (2000kbps x 60 x 90) / 8 = 1350,000Kbyte = 1.35Gbyte
    • - Estimated charge: Around 30,000 KRW

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